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Verliefd op Cuba
Verliefd op Cuba (2019)
  • Director:
    Johan Nijenhuis
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Anne-Louise Verboon
  • Cast:
    Maarten Dannenberg,Tjebbo Gerritsma,Abbey Hoes
  • Time:
    1h 45min
  • Year:
A mother finds out that her daughter not only has a new relationship with a Cuban, but is also getting married in Cuba. She wants to put a stop to the doomed marriage, and takes the first plane.
Credited cast:
Maarten Dannenberg Maarten Dannenberg - Diego
Tjebbo Gerritsma Tjebbo Gerritsma - Alex
Abbey Hoes Abbey Hoes - Maartje
Jan Kooijman Jan Kooijman - Jan
Anouk Maas Anouk Maas
Maaike Martens Maaike Martens
Niek Roozen Niek Roozen
Mareya Salazar Mareya Salazar - Benita
Rolf Sanchez Rolf Sanchez - Carlos
Barbara Sloesen Barbara Sloesen
Susan Visser Susan Visser - Loes

Verliefd op Cuba (2019)

The character played by Rolf Sanchez was originally named Che, after the famous Che Gevuara, but in order to be allowed to shoot on Cuba the name had to be changed to Carlos.

This is a very typical Dutch movie. The pace of this movie was strange. It seemed that they wanted integrate romance, adventure, action in 90 min. You do not know where it is going. So many things are going on in this movie that you realize it is a chaos. None of the characters are well developed. If it is rainy outside and you are bored and there is nothing on TV then you can watch it.
Wow.. what was that? It was a terrible movie, that's for sure. It's too predictable, terrible writing, and acting. The jokes are forced and not funny at all. I think I've only laughed once during the movie. Why does everyone keeps falling? After one joke it's not funny anymore. The fighting scene is really bad. Also in the beginning when the plane is flying above Cuba, it looks like a bad photoshop.

It's not worth seeing and a waste of money/time.