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Dayavan (1988)
  • Director:
    Feroz Khan
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Parvez Mehdi,Aziz Quaisi
  • Cast:
    Vinod Khanna,Feroz Khan,Amala Akkineni
  • Time:
    2h 53min
  • Year:
This is the story of two childhood buddies who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in a shanty town. One of them (Vinod Khanna) becomes a sort of 'godfather' for the locals. One day he is taken to a brothel by his friend (Feroz Khan), where he meets a young prostitute (Madhuri Dixit). He is impressed by her ambition to educate herself and she is impressed by his honorable nature. They fall in love and get married the next day. However, their happiness is short-lived, as the gangster lifestyle begins to take its toll.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Vinod Khanna Vinod Khanna - Shakti Velhu / Dayavan
Feroz Khan Feroz Khan - Shankar Waghmare
Amala Akkineni Amala Akkineni - Sarita Velhu (as Amala)
Amrish Puri Amrish Puri - Inspector Ratan Singh
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher - Mr. Kohli
Aruna Irani Aruna Irani - Tara
Madhuri Dixit Madhuri Dixit - Neela Velhu
Imtiaz Khan Imtiaz Khan - Anna
Alok Nath Alok Nath - Karim Baba
Aditya Pancholi Aditya Pancholi - Assistant Commissioner of Police
Sudhir Pandey Sudhir Pandey - Manjle Anna
Mahavir Shah Mahavir Shah - Chokshi
Anjan Srivastav Anjan Srivastav - S.P. Raghavan
Jainendra Jainendra
Tinnu Anand Tinnu Anand - Ajit Singh

Dayavan (1988)

Feroz Khan stated he considered playing the lead role,but the intimate scenes the film demanded made him feel uncomfortable.

Jolly Mukherjee was visiting someone on the sets. Feroz Khan met him and asked him to sing " Chahe Mere Jaan Tu Lele". Hearing his voice, Feroz immediately signed him for the film.

The song "Chahe Mere Jaan Tu Lele" was inspired from the song "Nila Athu Vaanathu Mele" from Velu Nayakan.

Feroz Khan paid 10 Lakhs to get the remake rights for Dayavan.

Tinnu Anand was playing the role of the police Ajit in both the Tamil version Nayakan (1987) and this movie. The same with the the child who played that role.

Feroz Khan always made modern slick fast paced action stylish movies, that was his type of filmaking and only he could make it. Dayavan was an completly different type of movie, not his type of filmaking.

Dayavan was shot very fast the shooting was completed within 2 months. The movie was shot in 1 schedule.

The famous Mohd Aziz song dil tera kisne toda was an additional song. The song was recorded after the shooting was complete and then included in the film.

In the film there is a scene Feroz Khan enters into a building and then goes up to bash some people, that scene was actually to done by Vinod Khanna but as on that day he could not reach on time on the sets and the shooting was delaying, Feroz Khan decided to do that scene himself.

Feroz Khan made 2 films based on Godfather, Dharmatma & Dayavan.

Velu Nayakan's producer Mr. Venkateshwaran invited Feroz Khan to see the film. This was because he wanted Feroz Khan to direct the film if it were to be made in Hindi.When Feroz saw the film he was speechless. He knew he had to direct the film now or never He shelved Yalgaar and began work on Dayavan.

Tinnu Anand had approached the original film's producer to buy the film's remaking rights. Tinnu wanted to make the film with Amitabh Bachchan.Tinnu Anand phoned Feroz to ask him if he bought the film's rights. This is when Feroz offered him a role in the Hindi remake.

Feroz Khan and Sri Devi had several meetings about Dayavan. Sri Devi wanted to do the film, but Feroz Khan had several terms and conditions. The first and most important was the exposure he wanted from her. He told her the type of outfits she would wear in scenes and the intimate scenes she would have with Vinod Khanna. Sri Devi agreed to ease up on her non revealing stance for Feroz Khan. But somehow, it still was not enough. Feroz needed more and this made Sri Devi uncomfortable. Then Feroz wanted bulk dates from her. This also posed a problem for Sri Devi as she was committed to several other films. Feroz then opted to find a replacement.

It was Boney Kapoor who showed Feroz Khan rushes of a Madhuri Dixit film. Plus Feroz found out that Subhash Ghai was promoting and reintroducing Madhuri . In those days, Feroz and Subhash Ghai usually casted the same heroines in their films.This made Feroz Khan sign Madhuri for the film.

When the film came to Feroz Khan, the first initial plan was to cast Jackie Shroff in the title role. The script went thru some alterations and Vinod Khanna better suited the role.

Sonam had come to Feroz Khan's office and gave an audition. Feroz liked what he saw and thought she had potential. At that point Feroz was considering her for Yalgaar. But the production got delayed due to Feroz Khan's brother in law passing away. In the mean time Sonam got an offer from Yash Chopra for Vijay. She asked Feroz if she could show her test to Yash Chopra. Feroz agreed due to the delay in Yalgaar and he did not want her to lose out in films. Plus he had not signed her and was only considering her at that point. It is not clear what role Feroz wanted Sonam for. Madhuri or Amla's.

Anuradha Patel and Feroz Khan had a major falling out near the end of the film. Feroz Khan had signed Anuradha for his film Yalgaar that he ended up shelving to start Dayavan. He convinced Anuradha to sign Dayavan even though she was not interested in the role offered to her . Feroz Khan promised her a good billing in the film to make up for any fears and reservations she had. When Anuradha saw the films rushes she was very disappointed. Feroz had sidelined her character and she was placed beneath Madhuri Dixit and Amla in the billing. She felt Feroz forgot his promise to her. Feroz sent her tickets for the film's premiere but she did not go.

Feroz Khan had one of the biggest most lavish film premiere's for the film.

Vinod Khanna had his reservations about playing the role of a south indian character in the film. He felt the north indian audience would not accept a south Indian main protagonist in a Hindi movie. Feroz disagreed and wanted to remake the film exactly as he saw it .

Feroz Khan wanted Chunky Pandey for the film. But Chunky realized that Aditya Pancholi would have the better role. The role was eventually done by Jainendra.

Kamal Hassan stated he did not like the Hindi remake and felt Feroz Khan missed the point of the film. The essence and spirit of the original was not there.

In real life Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan were older then Alok Nath who played their father figure.

Only film of Feroz Khan where he had a second lead.

Feroz Khan's last film with Vinod Khanna and Madhuri.

Feroz khan had said that. Davayan was his less successful film.

In this film, Laxmikant-Pyarelal replaced Kalyanji -Anandji in Feroz Khan camp.

Feroz Khan, Jeetendra and Amitabh Bachchan all of them had wanted the rights to remake the celebrated film in hindi.

Dayavan was the last film cinematographer Kamal Bose and Feroz Khan had worked together, they had worked together from Apradh to Dayavan. Later when Feroz Khan made his next film Yalgaar, Kamal Bose was busy with Dilip Kumar Kalinga

Feroz Khan at that time bought the rights to remake the film at a very high unheard price in those days.

Vinod Khanna was the films distributor in Mumbai.

In this film, Madhuri Dixit is paired with Vinod Khanna. Almost a decade later, Madhuri was paired with Vinod's son, Akshaye Khanna, in the 1997 film "Mohabbat".

Dayavan had one of the biggest film premiere in the film industry. It was talk of the town in 1988.

Vinod Khanna's father barely watched any of Vinod's films. Dayavan was the first premiere that Vinod Khanna's father attended. He was shocked to see the kissing scene.

Despite being barely average at the box office the film was only remembered for the 30 second kiss between madhuri and a much older vinod khanna for the "aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai" number.

It is perhaps Vinod's best movie. Vinod was a talented and original actor but it was pity that he left the film industry for a long interval. This interruption caused much damage to his career otherwise he might be among great heroes. Dayavan is a good movie telling the crude realities of criminal and poor life. Perhaps it is a remake of Kamal Hassan's movie and Vinod is successful in recreating the character of Shakti. Film runs on pace and plot twists grip the movie-goer but the last part of the movies seems a bit weak. Perhaps discredit goes to Adita Pancholi's weak acting. Overall, movies is worthy to be collectd and a must see for those who want real life action and story.
It's a great saga . The story of a hero among the poor and the exploited. It keeps you engrossed throughout. A fast paced movie, Superb screen play ,real depiction of life.

The fight scenes are superb

The songs are just situational and not inserted just like that like in some movies.there are hardly 2 songs. It's nice that the director hasn't wasted time on songs and focused on the content. It's a complete story.It's not just a love story;it includes a love story as a part of the main plot.All other sub plots are equally interesting.

You will find almost all situations in life here It shows all kinds of people.

It is said to be based on Kamal Hassan's movie in Tamil. Kudos to Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna for making this movie for Hindi audiences.
I saw Nagayan Hindi dubbed version, and now I can make a comparison between the two. I also recommend that you see this excellent Hindi dubbed version of Nayagan before you watch Dayavan.

The main comparsion between the two films is that Nagayan is a more-to the-point film, whereas Dayavan like all Bollywood films has masala (spices) added to it to make it more appealing.

If you ask me frankly, I would say that Nayagan is a better film in all respects and brilliantly acted and directed as well. I should advise you to see and own both Nagayan and Dayavan.(Everyone is entitled to his/hers own opinion.)

Changes: the role which Kamal Hassan played as the main figure is now replaced by the excellent veteran actor Vinod Khana. This is one of his most famous roles. The film also stars the actor and director of the film, the late Bollywood Legend Feroz Khan whose loss is still deeply felt to me.

Feroz Khan's career in Bollywood is legendary and his movies are all blockbusters. I like his style of direction and the way he introduces characters in the film. This film is also one of his biggest contributions to Bollywood.

Maduri Dixit is stunning as always. And her acting is on a different level altogether. She still is the best actress in Bollywood and the pace-setter.

The songs in the film are the highlight. "Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai..." is my personal favorite. This song is sung by the Legendary Pankaj Udhas.

Plot: After having witnessed the tragic death of his father by the local South Indian police, and being orphaned and homeless, Shakti Velhu develops a hate, and distrust of the police in India. He is befriended by another homeless boy named Shanker, who asks him to accompany him to Bombay's slumlands, where they live with a kind-hearted Muslim named Karim Baba, and his daughter, Shama. This is where Shakti and Shankar spend their childhood. When they mature, they take to petty crime. Here too, Shakti witnesses police brutality and atrocities, especially at the hands of Police Inspector Ratan Singh. When Karim Baba is arrested, jailed, and found dead in police custody, Shakti hunts down Ratan Singh.

An investigation is launched, but no one comes forward as a witness. Thus Shakti gets his reputation as a Don with a good heart viz. Dayavan.

Shakti marries Neelu, and has two children, Suraj and Sarita. He becomes even more powerful and influential all over Bombay, and his working partners are powerful criminal dons who have ruled over Bombay for eons. Shakti eventually replaces these dons, and becomes Bombay's only Don. This creates enemies for him and his family, but he believes since he has not really done any harm to anyone, he and his family will be safe. It is this belief that will take a heavy toll on his life and that of his family.

Full 10/10: a must have film for all Hindi film lovers, and Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna fans.
Feroz Khan as a filmmaker made some few decent films like Dharmatma & Qurbani, After JAANBAAZ he made this film which was a remake of Nayakan The film had ageing superstar Vinod Khanna with newbie Madhuri, Aditya Panscholi and of course Feroz Khan. The film is also claimed to be based on real life gangster Varadarajan Mudaliar, strangely even Amitabh seems to have copied his gruffy voice in Agneepath. The film starts off with Vinod and Feroz both slowly making into the world of crime after some atriocities. Then he becomes a Godfather type image, there are several twists and turns, In many ways it's different from Feroz's normal films, here the focus is more on drama less on style and himself. The film is well handled by Feroz Khan, I wont compare it to Mani Ratnam's Nayakan but yet its a good film Music is decent, Aaj Phir Tumpe is a superb song sung by Pankaj Uddhas and Anuradha Paudwal, other songs are good too

Vinod Khanna is exceptional, he has always been superb as an actor, he gives it his all and is superb Feroz Khan is decent in his small role, Madhuri is okay, she gets less scope, Tinnu Anand is good, Amrish Puri is okay in a brief role Aditya Panscholi is okay
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I had watched this movie while I was studying in Madras (Tamil Nadu). This movie is a poor copy of an excellent Tamil movie named Nayakan. The problem is that Dayavan movie pretended that it is not a copy and did a very poor job of copying. Dayavan is produced and directed by Feroz Khan who made some mega productions like Qurbani and Jaanbaaz. In this movie Feroz took the short cut and copied a widely popular movie without putting any though on his own. I was very impressed by the photography of the original Nayakan which captured the loneliness of a boy while keeping things dim. Dayavaan failed on the photography front. Nayakan starred Kamal Hassan who very deftly portrayed his characters with equal measure of strength and hesitation. Vinod Khanna in Dayavan doesn't even come close to Kamal in capturing the range of emotions. Watch a scene in the movie where Kamal and Vinod grieve for their dead son and note that Vinod was copying Kamal and still did a bad job of it. Original movie had excellent score provided by Illayaraja and it was poorly copied in Dayavaan. Overall I was very disappointed to see this remake/copy.