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The Judge
Matlock The Judge (1986–1995)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Christopher Hibler
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Dean Hargrove,Robert Hamilton
  • Cast:
    Andy Griffith,Linda Purl,Kene Holiday
  • Time:
  • Year:
Charlene tells Ben she wants to do some pro bono work. Ben says OK. And she already has a case. A young man is charged with killing his girlfriend. They were in her apartment and he went into the bathroom to shower. He came out she was dead stabbed, he picked up the knife and the security came in. It seems like someone called the desk and told him something was going on in the apartment. At the hearing the judge whom Ben knows asks him if he would be willing to let the son of someone they know who is starting to take over this case since Ben is not being paid. But Ben says he's sticking with it. Ben later goes over the girl's background and learns that she's from the working class so they wonder how can she afford the apartment among other things. They also learn that she may have been seeing another man who could be older who smoked a pipe and drank a certain cognac. Ben then goes back to the judge whom he knows smokes a pipe. He then meets him at the bar and orders the cognac and he...
Episode complete credited cast:
Andy Griffith Andy Griffith - Ben Matlock
Linda Purl Linda Purl - Charlene Matlock
Kene Holiday Kene Holiday - Tyler Hudson (as Kene Holliday)
Dick Van Dyke Dick Van Dyke - Judge Carter Addison
Michael Durrell Michael Durrell - D.A. Lloyd Burgess
Brian Lane Green Brian Lane Green - Kevin Meredith (as Brian L. Green)
Richard McKenzie Richard McKenzie - Lt. Rupert Davis
Kit McDonough Kit McDonough
Piper Laurie Piper Laurie - Claire Leigh
Toni Sawyer Toni Sawyer - Mrs. Meredith
Richard Newton Richard Newton - Judge Richard Cooksey
Richard Wright Richard Wright - Harry Hobson
Bobbie Eakes Bobbie Eakes - Joanne Leigh (as Bobbi Eakes)
Frank Kahlil Wheaton Frank Kahlil Wheaton - Bailiff (as Kahlil Wheaton)

Matlock The Judge (1986–1995)

When ben rings up the reception operator, who is unseen by the way, he calls her "Sarah". In the old Andy Griffith show, characters were always (almost every show) ringing up the operator (who was also always unseen) and referring to her as "Sarah".

Actor Linda Purl replaces Lori Lethin (who appeared only in the pilot) as Ben's daughter, Charlene.

After having only seen the last season of this show, it was quite a jolt to see a 10 year younger, thinner, darker haired Griffith. By the end of the series it was the almost retired, totally white haired 60 something lawyer working a lot from home with a different daughter, then later a female detective who could sing. In the last episodes he was.a "kindly" older lawyer, brilliant, cheap (but with a $100K fee) and approaching the end of a career. This is a good episode, weird to see Van Dyke as a bad guy, especially after watching Diagnosis Murder episodes. Anyway, it was a different era and today, it is so difficult to write stories like these...what with cell phones and more importantly cameras EVERYWHERE. In this episode, Van Dyke would certainly be on camera entering either the building where the murder took place or where he was watching with binoculars. But, that's the way it goes.
This is the first Matlock. It might have been better if the murderer -played by Dick van Dyke- would not have been shown committing the crime. It appeared to be a little too constructed, really. I mean, why should the presiding judge -here: the murderer- ask Matlock to step down on a case? Because he is afraid of Matlock? nay! It has been done to put the story into a 45 minute frame. However, the idea is nice and it takes into account that first degree murder does also include so called 'respectable persons' committing them. All in all it is the plot that seemed to be working for most of the Matlock cases. The routine started here, the main characters are still kind of being introduced including Matlock's very own idiosyncrasies, like cleaning the shoes on his office desk while people are around...