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A Day in the Life of Paul
A Day in the Life of Paul (2017)
  • Director:
    Paul Monteleone
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  • Writer:
    Paul Monteleone
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I believe this project should be selected because it provides a unique look at the life of a high school student. It is unique because the reactions of Paul's classmates to his actions are entirely genuine and not pre-planned whatsoever. This improvisation led to many moments that really encapsulate the high school atmosphere unlike scripted films. There is also an emphasis on his class-by-class schedule with filming in each classroom, rather than talking in the hallways. Many high school films focus on sports like football or baseball, but Paul's sport is javelin throwing, which is another unique aspect of 'A Day in the Life of Paul'. I also really wanted to send the message to the viewer of how long and occasionally overwhelming a day of high school is for many students, so that is why I included every single class, a sport, hanging out at a friend's house, as well as texting a girl. I want the audience to notice how even through all the up's and down's of Paul's long day, he still ...
Credited cast:
Paul Monteleone Paul Monteleone - Paul

A Day in the Life of Paul (2017)