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Stone Cold
Blood Ties Stone Cold (2007)
TV Episode
Vicky is hired to locate a young man, Brendan, who seems to have vanished. They visit one of his regular haunts, a club run by a beautiful woman named Elena, but she claims to barely know him. A posting Brendan made on a web site seems to indicate otherwise. Mike Celucci is also investigating the case and becomes quite friendly with Elena, much to Vicky's annoyance. When they find a stone statue resembling Brendan in Elena's house, they realize that they are dealing with a Medusa. Brendan isn't the only one who has been turned to stone and Henry says they are still alive. Just how they can bring them back is not obvious however.
Episode cast overview:
Christina Cox Christina Cox - Vicki Nelson
Dylan Neal Dylan Neal - Mike Celluci
Kyle Schmid Kyle Schmid - Henry Fitzroy
Gina Holden Gina Holden - Coreen Fennel
Lisa Ray Lisa Ray - Elena
Michael Adamthwaite Michael Adamthwaite - Dimitri
Greyston Holt Greyston Holt - Brendan
Linzee Harris Linzee Harris - Angela
Desiree Zurowski Desiree Zurowski - Terri
Lindsay Maxwell Lindsay Maxwell - Misery
Devi Singh Devi Singh - Ugly Medusa

Blood Ties Stone Cold (2007)