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Libertas Online HD

  • Director:
    Namo Safideen
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Namo Safideen,Namo Safideen
  • Cast:
    Göran Svensson,Ronja Kruus,Claudio Oyarzo
  • Time:
  • Budget:
    SEK 100,000
Five randomly selected and enslaved citizens are chosen to play a game. With the promise of a free society, they put their fates in the hands of an uprising power. Blaming each other for buying the lies from the current government, mind games begin to emerge. Freedom always comes with a price.
Credited cast:
Göran Svensson Göran Svensson - #1
Ronja Kruus Ronja Kruus - #2
Claudio Oyarzo Claudio Oyarzo - #3
Sandro Khafor Sandro Khafor - #4
Cecilia Runesson Cecilia Runesson - #5
Ola Wallinder Ola Wallinder - Dealer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Marga Pettersson Marga Pettersson - Older woman (phone)
Astrid Froede Othelius Astrid Froede Othelius - Younger woman (phone)


To stay true to the story, the director didn't want the actors to meet or rehearse together before principal photography. The moment the hoods comes off in the film, is the first time they see each other in real life as well.

The only rehearsal that took part, was between the director and the actors individually.

The table was specially designed for the film and took about three weeks to build.

It's never revealed how many members from the "resistance", that actually are in the room during the game.

The screenplay took about three months to write. The 12th draft became the final draft.

Principal photography was a total of 4 days.

The real names of the characters are never revealed, including the dealers identity.

The dialogue between the players is in Swedish.

Libertas means freedom in Latin and the word is also connected with a roman goddess.

The dealer mentions that the players are free to drink from the refreshments, but it's never revealed what kind of refreshments the dealer is referring to.

The director/writer got parts of the idea from a dream he had. The dream was about him playing cards in a basement with a bunch of people he didn't know.

The seating signs, placed in front of each player, is in roman numerals.

The number fifteen is the total sum of the seating numbers combined. (I+II+III+IV+V = 15)