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In the Gray
In the Gray (2012)
  • Director:
    Rob Holloway
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Rob Holloway,Lee Arenberg
  • Cast:
    George Katt,Lee Arenberg,Chad Lindberg
  • Time:
    2h 2min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Undercover narcotics officer Yancy is always faced with difficult decision-making when it comes to his work, but the lines become even more blurred when other factors come in to play. His life and work begin to slowly intertwine and what was once the clarity he knew, is now an alternate reality. As he falls for one of his targets and begins to use in order to save himself and his cover, he is also faced with the burden of compromise in order to protect his friend and partner Silas from immediate danger.
Cast overview:
George Katt George Katt - Yancy
Lee Arenberg Lee Arenberg - Silas
Chad Lindberg Chad Lindberg - Gage
Martin Klebba Martin Klebba - Damian
Breven Angaelica Warren Breven Angaelica Warren - Kyla
Tyler Tuione Tyler Tuione - King
R.C. Everbeck R.C. Everbeck - Riley Jordan
Salena Sanford Salena Sanford - Salena
Teresa Decher Teresa Decher - Mona
Christopher McCafferty Christopher McCafferty - Bodyguard
Marvin C. Newton Marvin C. Newton - Officer
Holloway Breven Holloway Breven - Baby Breven

In the Gray (2012)