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Daikû maryû Gaikingu
Daikû maryû Gaikingu
TV Series
The planet Zela is being consumed by a black hole, this phenomenon not only destroying the world beyond repair but mutating its citizens into fearsome creatures. Thus the Emperor Darius and his four generals assemble the Dark Horror Army, and head to conquer and enslave Earth as a worthy replacement for Zela. They take great care to assassinate any human with psychic powers who could serve as a threat to them, and succeed... nearly. Sanshiro Tsuwabuki, a baseball star whose powers were present but remained dormant, survived an attack that cost him his career. Now, he has been chosen to pilot Earth's one weapon against the Zeran army: a super robot named Gaiking. Accompanying Gaiking is the Daikyu Maru, a dragon-shaped carrier that can combine with Gaiking for more power. Together the Gaiking and the Space Dragon fight to protect Earth from the invading Dark Horror Army.
Series cast summary:
Akira Kamiya Akira Kamiya - Sanshiro Tsuwabuki 2 episodes, 1980
Hidekatsu Shibata Hidekatsu Shibata - Dr. Daimonji 2 episodes, 1980
Kan Tokumaru Kan Tokumaru - Fan Li 2 episodes, 1980
Keaton Yamada Keaton Yamada - Gen Sakon 2 episodes, 1980
Ken'ichi Ogata Ken'ichi Ogata - Bunta Hayami 2 episodes, 1980
Makio Inoue Makio Inoue - Peter Richardson 2 episodes, 1980
Mami Koyama Mami Koyama - Midori Fujiyama 2 episodes, 1980
Osamu Katô Osamu Katô - Yamagakake 2 episodes, 1980
Noriko Tsukase Noriko Tsukase - Hachiro 2 episodes, 1980
Noriko Ohara Noriko Ohara - Erica 2 episodes, 1980

Daikû maryû Gaikingu

Aired in North America in the early 1980s as part of "Force Five," a syndicated package of five 1970 anime series consisting of Gaiking, Wakusei robo Dangard A (1977), Gettâ robo Jî (1975), UFO robo: Gurendaizâ (1975) and SF Saiyûki Starzinger (1979).

The toys from this anime series were featured in Mattel's phenomenal Shogun Warriors toy collection. Gaiking's name remained the same, as did Nessar (the brontosaurus mecha) and Bazoler (the triceratops mecha), although Daikû Maryû (Great Sky Demon Dragon) was renamed "Cargosaur" and Skylar (the pteranodon mecha) was renamed "Kondar."

When the series was first aired in Japan, Toei Animation credited Akio Sugino as the series original creator to avoid paying royalties to the real creator, 'Go Nagai'. This resulted in a legal battle between Nagai and Toei that lasted for 10 years. Nagai finally confirmed that he was the creator of Gaiking in the Comicon 2007 in Naples, Italy.

The show was broadcast in Latin America as part of a 4-show feature called "El Festival de los Robots" ("Festival of Robots"), along with SF Saiyûki Starzinger (1979), Kôtetsu jîgu (1975) and "Magne Robo Gakeen". They were respectively retitled "El Gladiador" (The Gladiator), "El Galactico" (The Galactic), "El Vengador" (The Avenger) and "Supermagnetron".

Here is another underrated anime series I now love after watching the opening sequence on YouTube. And it's also another favorite from Toei Animation; I'm a huge Toei fan.

The story is about Sanshiro Tsuwabuki, a brash baseball player who was about to show his "Miracle Pitch" during a game, when someone attack him by fracturing his wrist. And thus he can never play baseball again. Later Sanshiro finds himself surrounded by winged aliens, but was saved by astrobiologist Dr. Daimonji and his psychic crew of the carrier super-weapon Daiku Maryu. The doctor explains to Sanshiro that the aliens that attack him are invaders from the faraway planet Zela. The planet is on the verge of being suck into a black hole. Zela's super-computer Emperor Darius plans to conquer Earth and make it home for the Zelans. The one thing that stands in the way of this invasion in the Daiku Maryu and it's crew. Sanshiro who wanted revenge on the Zelans was appointed pilot of the giant robot Gaiking.

So that's all I could tell you folks, you will have to watch the series on DVD for yourself. Overall, I love every bit of this "retro," sci-fi anime series.