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YouChoose (2018)
  • Director:
    Adam Hardman
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Adam Hardman
  • Cast:
    Joel Friedrich,Neely Johnson,Shannon Walsh
  • Time:
    1h 40min
  • Year:
YouChoose is about freedom. Freedom to follow your bliss, fall in love, find your soulmate. Download the app, accept the terms and conditions, answer a few questions, and Ding. YouChoose locates and identifies your ideal romantic partner--your soul-mate, complete with a map to your connection point, countdown to arrival, and their Most Desired Thing (in that moment). YouChoose (the film) follows one individual's experience in the post-dating world of YouChoose. Jack is his own worst enemy. He is desperate to find love, but he holds zero love for himself. YouChoose doesn't know which Jack to respond to: the Jack who craves love or the Jack who spews hate. Unfortunately for Jack, while the world around him partners-up, his Dings. keep coming. - Each successive soul-mate changes Jack in ways he never would have imagined. With YouChoose everything can change in a moment: who you want, who you love, and who you are.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Joel Friedrich Joel Friedrich - Jack
Neely Johnson Neely Johnson - Sadie
Shannon Walsh Shannon Walsh - Violet / Willow
Mitzi Akaha Mitzi Akaha - April
Priscilla McEver Priscilla McEver - Gita
Shauna Leigh Alexander Shauna Leigh Alexander - YouChoose
Patrick Gallo Patrick Gallo - Interviewer / Leonard
Chad Sikora Chad Sikora - Chad
Maja Tartaro Maja Tartaro - Maja
Ali Hasta Ali Hasta - Ali
Robert Jones Robert Jones - Bob
Miranda Di Perno Miranda Di Perno - Ivy
Tia Link Tia Link - Harriot
Sabz Dino Sabz Dino - Otis
Vincenzo Vaccaro Vincenzo Vaccaro - Edward

YouChoose (2018)