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The Late Edition
Aventuras de Pablito The Late Edition (1957–1963)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Norman Abbott
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Joe Connelly,Bob Mosher
  • Cast:
    Barbara Billingsley,Hugh Beaumont,Tony Dow
  • Time:
  • Year:
Inspired to become a reporter by a visiting foreign news correspondent, Beaver runs to the local newspaper after school to apply for the open delivery boy position. But the job goes to a boy who pretends to be sick to get out of school early and Beaver, unwilling to "rat" on the dishonest kid, hopes that the new carrier will make so many mistakes that the paper will fire him.
Episode complete credited cast:
Barbara Billingsley Barbara Billingsley - June Cleaver
Hugh Beaumont Hugh Beaumont - Ward Cleaver
Tony Dow Tony Dow - Wally Cleaver
Jerry Mathers Jerry Mathers - Theodore Cleaver
Rich Correll Rich Correll - Richard Rickover (as Richard Correll)
Chrystine Jordan Chrystine Jordan - The Paper Boy (as Chrystie Jordan)

Aventuras de Pablito The Late Edition (1957–1963)

June's hairstyle varies quite a bit during Season 6. In general, it was changed from a long-ish "flip" to a short cut, as seen in the opening credits. (Other changes for this season include a jazzy arrangement of the opening music, which had been the same for the first five seasons, all suggesting the producers might have been worried about lackluster ratings. This season, number 6, ended up being the last one.) As for June's hair style, the long-ish "flip" is seen in the first three episodes, and number 6 (Leave It to Beaver: Eddie, the Businessman (1962)) while episode 5 (Leave It to Beaver: Double Date (1962)) features the short cut. In this episode (Number 4 of Season 6, we may be seeing both: in the opening scene, it's short - though it may just be pinned back for housework - while a short time later, when Ward comes home from work, it's long-ish "flip" again.

Cleaver home phone number is given in this episode as KL5-4763. The number of the local newspaper office, as reported to Ward by Beaver, is KL4-6287.