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Lodge Looney Luther
Lodge Looney Luther (1914)
Luther, a middle-aged clerk, is crazy about lodges. He attends a meeting every night in the week. Lodge expenses cause a drain on his slender income and except for Luther's brother, the family, a wife and grown-up daughter, would suffer. Luther goes broke buying a lodge helmet and it is a proud day for him when, accompanied by his humiliated family, he parades to the photographers to "sit" for his picture. One morning while working on the street, Luther gives the high sign to a club member. A passing woman imagines that Luther is trying to flirt with her and has him arrested. Luther telephones his brother, who while agreeing to get him out, decides to cure him of the lodge craze. Luther, crushed with humiliation, gets out and goes home to bed. His brother secures the services of his three clerks and together, dressed in black robes, they visit the house, arouse Luther from a troubled sleep and heap coals of fire on his head, exacting a promise to devote more time to home and family. ...

Lodge Looney Luther (1914)