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Italian Love
Italian Love (1914)
  • Director:
    Harry A. Pollard
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    J. Edward Hungerford
  • Cast:
    Margarita Fischer,Harry A. Pollard,Joe Harris
  • Year:
Angelo, a statuette vendor, and Luigi, a street musician, are rivals for the hand of Maria, the proprietress of a prosperous fruit shop. Maria prefers Luigi, and this so enrages the statuette vendor, that he avenges himself by stealing his rival's monkey and grind-organ. Luigi is heart-broken, but doesn't suspect who the thief is. Soon after, Angelo's cousin, Tony Spezotti, arrives from Italy, and the crafty Angelo determines at once to profit by his cousin's "greenness" and inexperience. Accordingly he outfits Tony with the stolen grind-organ and monkey and starts him out to "getta-da-mon." Unfortunately, in his peregrinations, Antonio stops before the fruit shop of Maria, and strikes up a popular ditty. Luigi- who is bewailing his loss of Maria - hears the familiar strains of his organ and rushes to investigate. Recognizing his property, he pounces furiously upon poor, innocent Tony, and has him arrested. At the station Tony succeeds in placing the blame on his unscrupulous cousin, ...
Cast overview:
Margarita Fischer Margarita Fischer - Maria Donetti
Harry A. Pollard Harry A. Pollard - Angelo Giovanni (as Harry Pollard)
Joe Harris Joe Harris - Luigi Gerardi (as Joseph Harris)
Fred Gamble Fred Gamble - Tony Spezotti
Dorothy Fischer Dorothy Fischer
Julius Frankenburg Julius Frankenburg

Italian Love (1914)
A series of lively incidents with no very clearly defined idea or rationale. It has a broad humor and the players give it a sprightly touch of fun that will make it pleasing to the many. - The Moving Picture World, March 21, 1914