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Episode #1.6828
Neighbours Episode #1.6828 (1985– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Fiona Banks
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Sarah Mayberry,Reg Watson
  • Cast:
    Alan Fletcher,Tom Oliver,Stefan Dennis
  • Time:
  • Year:
Josh does well at leg exercises in the gym but hurts himself when he can't resist trying lifting weights. Another gym use suggests he needs 'more then water'. Mason tells Imogen their car sharing deal is no longer acceptable, she can't afford to buy him out and her parents won't chip in for a bad investment, so he advertises to sell his share in Hermione, but reconsiders when the first applicant seems sleazily interested more in her. Karl is surprised when Paul insists he must deal with the twin sister program official, lower ranking then expected so beneath the mayor's status. Karl ans Susan are delighted to find Rebecca swapped with her assistant, she refuses to be told vital news and thus bumps mutually surprised into Paul.
Episode credited cast:
Alan Fletcher Alan Fletcher - Dr. Karl Kennedy
Tom Oliver Tom Oliver - Lou Carpenter (credit only)
Stefan Dennis Stefan Dennis - Paul Robinson
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Harley Bonner Harley Bonner - Joshua Willis
Josef Brown Josef Brown - Matt Turner (credit only)
Luke D'Emanuele Luke D'Emanuele - Jed Burger
Kip Gamblin Kip Gamblin - Brad Willis
Taylor Glockner Taylor Glockner - Mason Turner
Remy Hii Remy Hii - Hudson Walsh (credit only)
Calen MacKenzie Calen MacKenzie - Bailey Turner (credit only)
James Mason James Mason - Chris Pappas (credit only)
Scott McGregor Scott McGregor - Mark Brennan
Chris Milligan Chris Milligan - Kyle Canning (credit only)
Clayton Watson Clayton Watson - Jacob Holmes (credit only)

Neighbours Episode #1.6828 (1985– )