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Sosei kishi Gaiasu
Sosei kishi Gaiasu
TV Series
In a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future, Ital Del Labard sets out to avenge the death of Randis R. Khiezard, a war-roid whom raised Ital, that was killed by the beastmaster.
Credited cast:
Tim Beeding Tim Beeding - Craftsman / - (voice)
Ralph Brownewell Ralph Brownewell - Ital (voice)
Pierre Brulatour Pierre Brulatour - The General (voice) (as Pierre Brulator)
Joe Bunn Joe Bunn - Fayk (voice)
Lee Domenick Lee Domenick - Warlock (voice)
Rick Forrester Rick Forrester - Zaxon (voice)
Granoldo Frazier Granoldo Frazier - Wise Man (voice) (as Grenaldo Frazier)
Noriko Hidaka Noriko Hidaka - Sahari (voice)
Robert Hood Robert Hood - AndrZ (voice)
Mako Hyôdô Mako Hyôdô - Sakuya (voice)
Mac Ingram Mac Ingram - Specs (voice) (as Mac Ingrahm)
Chris Jarman Chris Jarman - War-roids / - (voice)
Kiyoshi Kawakubo Kiyoshi Kawakubo - Zoniac (voice)
Belinda Keller Belinda Keller - Sahari (voice) (as Belinda Bizic)
Kôichi Kitamura Kôichi Kitamura - Hardin (voice)

Sosei kishi Gaiasu
I bought this film as an afterthought, but I wish I had expected more from it because it delivered 2 hours of great entertainment.

Looking at it from a neutral perspective the film hangs in places but I felt the film rewarded me for my patience.

The story line of the film was quite old and had been done in many different ways, countless times before . I think that this particular film is one that would stand out from the crowd.

As it has been said before many anime films are badly dubbed but it didn't bother me in this film. The film maybe wasn't improved by the actors voices but the dialogue was good.

I thought the action scenes in the film were really good and there was easily enough to keep the action junky really happy.

All in all it won't please everyone but I thought it was great. I believe it is certainly worth a look even if you aren't a big fan of anime