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Mr. Hankeyu0027s Christmas Classics
Dienvidparks Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics (1997– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Trey Parker
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Trey Parker,Matt Stone
  • Cast:
    Trey Parker,Matt Stone,Mary Kay Bergman
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  • Year:
Mr. Hankey hosts a traditional Christmas special, featuring holiday musical numbers performed by various members of the cast. Songs include Kyle's family singing The Driedel Song, Satan singing Christmas In Hell, and Mr. Garrison singing a song ordering all religions of the world to come together in worshiping Jesus for Christmas. This episode was also a tribute to cast member Mary Kay Bergman, who had died earlier that year.
Episode cast overview:
Trey Parker Trey Parker - Stan Marsh / Eric Cartman / Postman / Mr. Hankey / Man on Portaloo / Hitler / Satan / John F. Kennedy / James Stewart / Mr. Mackey / Mr. Garrison / McCormick's Host / Santa (voice)
Matt Stone Matt Stone - Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick / Gerald Broflovski / John F. Kennedy Jr. / Jesus (voice)
Mary Kay Bergman Mary Kay Bergman - Children / Sheila Broflovski / Shelly Marsh (voice)
Isaac Hayes Isaac Hayes - Chef (credit only)

Dienvidparks Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics (1997– )

Courteney Cox was flattered by Kyle's dad's lines in the Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel song ("Courtney Cox, I love you, you're so hot, on that show) and thanked Trey Parker and Matt Stone for making the song about her at a dinner party, however they had forgotten making the episode and didn't know what she was talking about.

This episode ends with a montage of some of the more known Mary Kay Bergman characters and then they all appear with the boys and Mr. Hankey. They had the show end this way as a tribute to Mary who had died in November, right after finishing the recordings for this episode.

The pianist in the Jesus & Santa song segment is a caricature of Marc Shaiman who wrote the music for this episode with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They previously worked together on South Park: Größer, länger und un(b)geschnitten (1999) and this caricature appears in that too as the pianist for Big Gay Al's "I'm Super!" musical number.

I'm on my "South Park" rerun mode and nostalgia came rushing in as I rejoiced once again over this 3rd season SP episode. To put it lightly, this X-mas special is pure genius and not even Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to outdo themselves ever again.

But how can anyone hold that against them, this episode alone has more die-hard laughter material than most TV sitcoms can muster in their best season. The first time I saw it I distinctly remember gasping for air because I was laughing so hard, and my sister peed her pants. To this day, on every 24th of December, while I decorate the Christmas tree the majority of the songs play in the background. I guess I'm post-modern;)

Kick-ass!...one of my all-time favourite SP episodes
In the summer of 1999 Trey Parker and Matt Stone released "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut," which was easily the best musical of the 90's. In Christmas 1999 they solidified their reputations as musical masterminds with this Christmas special.

How else can I put it? The songs are just too good! They're fun, imaginative, and never ever EVER boring. Never ever. Plot? What plot? There's Christmas songs, and the South Park characters are singing them... to musics and lyrics arranged by Matt and Trey! What more could you possibly want? I'm serious, watch this episode, right now! And rewatch it every Christmas. After "The Woodland Critter Christmas" (Season 8), this is South Park's best holiday-themed episode.
Mr. Hankey takes the show's reigns tonight as he shares a plethora of festive songs as only the characters of South Park can bring. First up, S.D. Kluger from Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, sings the ballad of Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo! For some reason on the album that spawned this episode, it lists the song's performer as "Cowboy Timmy". Weird. I guess that was the generic character Trey was performing before he decided to spoof Santa Claus is Comin'. Anyway, after that, it's time for the Dreidel song. You know, "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel." Kyle tries to teach Ike how to spin the Dreidel and about its significance. Cartman refuses to join in, because he thinks Dreidels are gay, and Stan is unable to get it to spin. Sheila comes in to sing about the little wooden top, and Gerald sings about Courtney Cox. The whole clusterf**k of a song climaxes and then we descend into Hell where Adolf Hitler pines for a Christmas tree. Satan then tries to bring the spirit of Christmas down to Hell. Joining in the festivities are Gene Siskel, Princess Diana, Jeffrey Dahmer, Michael Landon, and more, as they celebrate Christmastime in Hell!

Mr. Mackey performs Carol of the Bells, while dressed as a bell, then Cartman sings a lovely rendition of O Holy Night. You may recall the last time he performed this song, during Season 1, and each time he messed up, and even when he didn't, the boys shocked him with a cattle prod. Needless to say, Cartman's singing has improved over the past two years. Now, it's Mr. Garrison's turn. He wishes all the people of the world and their denominations a Merry F**king Christmas. Shelley Marsh tries to sing I Saw Three Ships, but Stan and Kyle keep mocking her, which leads to them getting a piano broken over their heads. Next, Jesus and Santa perform a medley of Christmas favorites, but ol' St. Nick becomes jaded due to the lack of Santa songs. Finally, the whole cast gathers for Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, including a tribute to Mary Kay Bergman, who blew her brains out for no reason in early 1999. She voiced all the female adults on the show, and is sorely missed. And so, after Kenny is killed by a falling chandelier, Mr. Hankey is flushed back down the toilet until next Christmas.

Even though this episode is fairly enjoyable, I actually liked the album itself much better. Mainly because it was uncensored, and Mr. Garrison's song loses some meaning with all those bleeps. Also, there's a running gag in the episode where a news reporter says "fighting the frizzies, at 11." As everybody knows, this was a shout-out to the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, and the less you know about that thing, the better. My favorite songs have to be Mr. Garrison's, Christmas Time in Hell, It Happened in Sun Valley (album), O Holy Night and Mr. Hankey's Anthem. I definitely recommend the album, and this episode is pretty good too. Matt and Trey are very gifted song writers, as evidenced here and in the movie. You know, I think this episode should have been an hour long, because there were other songs they should have included, like the one by Kenny and Mr. Hankey, which includes fellatio and Mary still remaining a virgin in spite of it, and the Sun Valley duet with Stan and Wendy. So anyway, check'em all out this holiday season, dudes!
This episode is basically the South park characters singing Christmas songs.Mostly their covers of classic Christmas songs but some are original.It's a simple episode, and it works.Trey Parker and Matt Stone have great musical talent and they have proved it various times. This is one of those times. They can make an episode like this and get away with it.Not that this episode is without it's laughs as well! Mr.Hankey gives us some great songs sung by the south park characters.The first song is Kyle singing his version of the Dreidel Song with Stan,Kyle's Mom and Dad and Cartman(who sings an anti-semetic song over the others). The second song is Hitler in hell singing "O Tannenbaum"(Oh Christmas) in a sad tone.In an attempt to cheer him up, Satan sings "Christmas Time In Hell" along with all the other characters in hell.The third song is Mr.Mackey singing "Carol of The Bells".The fourth song is Mr.Garrison singing an original song entitled "Merry F***ing Christmas" where he sings about going to countries where they don't celebrate Christmas and telling them angrily about how they should celebrate.The fifth song is basically a Christmas Melody with Jesus and Santa, they sing a variety of songs in a lounge(some I can remember are "Let It Snow" and "Rio" by Duran Duran).Two other songs I forgot to mention were where Cartman sings O holy night(at least his version) and Shelly singing I saw three ships while Stan and Kyle make faces at her.The final song is the entire cast singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", during this song all the characters Mary Kay Bergman played appear(Bergman committed suicide a few weeks before and this is their homage to her), great scene.Overall this is a very good Christmas episode even though it's different from the usual episodes! There was a CD released along with this episode which had much more songs!