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Hot Money
Hot Money (2001)
  • Director:
    Terry Winsor
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    John Mister,Neil McKay
  • Cast:
    Caroline Quentin,Gerard Horan,Christine Ellerbeck
  • Time:
    2h 5min
  • Year:
Three women, Bridget, Liz and Jackie, embark on a plan to steal thousands of pounds of banknotes that were due to be destroyed at the Bank of England's incinerating plant in Essex. Fictionalised account of a real-life case.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Caroline Quentin Caroline Quentin - Bridget Watmore
Gerard Horan Gerard Horan - Don Watmore
Christine Ellerbeck Christine Ellerbeck - Mrs. Riddell
Georgia Mackenzie Georgia Mackenzie - Jackie Haggar
Shaun Curry Shaun Curry - Mr. Glover
Melanie Hill Melanie Hill - Liz Hoodless
Jay Simpson Jay Simpson - Barry Weller
Dickon Tolson Dickon Tolson - Sean
Kate Williams Kate Williams - Molly Stern
Cliff Parisi Cliff Parisi - Bob Hoodless
Joan Hodges Joan Hodges - Irene Haggar
Josie Kidd Josie Kidd - Nancy Weller
Terry Bird Terry Bird - 1st Constable
Michael Jayes Michael Jayes - Ralph Barnett-Leigh
Melissa Lloyd Melissa Lloyd - DS Sally Markham

Hot Money (2001)
Caught this when it was rerun whilst I was working on a Sunday afternoon. The summary sounded mildly intriguing so I let it run.

I really liked the fact the the characters seemed real. They were just ordinary working women with a (somewhat) ordinary job, who succumbed to a temptation that I'm sure any of us in a similar situation would at least feel if not give into ourselves. And who's to say that you or I wouldn't, under those circumstances? No attempt was made to "glam" up the principals, either, which I appreciated.

This film's greatest strength is that the story was allowed to *tell itself* with realism and a bit of humour. Not exactly a classic, but still it's a mighty good yarn, done in a competent and believable manner.

Fans of The Bill might recognise Melanie Hill (Liz) - she played the looney Marie, who met copper Jim Carver whilst he was counseling her over the murder of her daughter and subsequently was (briefly) married to him.
We in Australia have recently had quite a few British dramas focusing on women. There was that god-awful piece of crap "Footballer's Wives", and there was another one whose name escapes me now about some relatively glamorous women who stole some money.

Here, on the other hand, they are plain grey women, your "salt of the earth", who like some policemen, simply succumb to overwhelming temptation. You can't help but like them, to cheer them on. As usual, things start well and then turn to mud, but what would drama be without that?

The very ending, the last two minutes, is an excellent surprise. If indeed this is based on a true story (uhh, I don't always believe the producers when they say that), then it's quite a good one.
Caroline Quentin plays a cleaning lady who works in the Bank of England and has a plan to steal money from the incinerator where old notes are decommissioned. As is customary in heist dramas, things go well at first and then start to go awry. Despite the cliches of the genre, the direction and humour of this movie is refreshing and holds viewer attention well. Throughout the movie there is a subtle battle of the sexes going on. The cleaners have to outwit the male security guards while at the same time trying to keep their husbands under control. In general, the male characters don't come off too well from the encounter. It is all good natured though, rather like the comedy series Men Behaving Badly, in which Quentin also stars.
Another great British drama which was based on a true story. A gripping plot and interesting story line makes this a great drama to watch, especially if you are going to rob the Bank Of England! :-) .I hope ITV will keep making such great dramas of this caliber!

Well done! 10/10 definitely well deserved!
I watched this movie on TV (in Canada) because it's advertised storyline seemed to be the same as a currently playing movie, "Mad Money" (with Diane Keaton & Queen Latifah). It was much more enjoyable than I expected it to be. It is a real relief from all the super-hi-tech heist movies of today.

Some people deplore the depiction of crooks as heroes, but that's what heist movies do--make you cheer the bad guys and boo the good guys. If you don't want to do that, don't go. I think it just shows how easily we can change our view of good and bad. And this film does a masterful job. The characters are real, serious, funny, sympathetic.

Now, I can't wait to see "Mad Money" and compare the two: old & new, black/white & color, TV movie & screen movie, British & American.