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Hamlet, Son of a Kingpin
Hamlet, Son of a Kingpin (2015)
  • Director:
    Richard Claflin
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Nick Brous,Fernando Buriel
  • Cast:
    Carlos Villar,Nanda Abella,Philippe Bowgen
  • Time:
    1h 29min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Set in modern day, Hamlet is a South American college student who attends the prestigious Wittenberg University in New York City. Since his father is the kingpin of a drug cartel, Hamlet sees college in the United States as an opportunity to begin a new life. Torn between his desire to escape his family's narcotics business and his family loyalty, Hamlet comes of age wrestling with his identity and destiny.
Credited cast:
Carlos Villar Carlos Villar - Hamlet (as Ricky Villar)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Nanda Abella Nanda Abella - Gertrude
Philippe Bowgen Philippe Bowgen - Marcelo
Filipe Valle Costa Filipe Valle Costa - Claudio
Eliud Kauffman Eliud Kauffman - Ghost / Kingpin Hamlet
Sean Kleier Sean Kleier - Laertes
Richard Lear Richard Lear - Polonius
M. Rowan Meyer M. Rowan Meyer - Horatio (as Rowan Michael Meyer)
Tobin Mitnick Tobin Mitnick - Guildenstern
Medusa Mugdan Medusa Mugdan - Horatio's Pet Snake
Linda Perez Linda Perez - South American Girlfriend
Nicky Romaniello Nicky Romaniello - Customs Officer
Erick Szewezuk Erick Szewezuk - Background Actor
Brett Thiele Brett Thiele - Rosencrantz
Gonzalo Trigueros Gonzalo Trigueros - Bernardo

Hamlet, Son of a Kingpin (2015)
Rich Vulture
Rich Vulture
I did not expect much and yet - there's a lot here.

I imagined that it would be as cheesy an adaptation of a Shakespeare play as 'West Side Story' was (of 'Romeo and Juliet'). It's much closer to the play and story, while mixing Spanish and English. Shakespearean dialogue!

The production values are suitable for this kind of mixture of cultures and language. Almost a telenovela but not trying to be. Not too wordy but using Shakespeare's dialogue which sometimes sounds odd and sometimes natural.

If Shakespeare came to life in this year of our Lord, watching the drama delivered via technology with some language that he can recognize and some that he never would know, he'd realize how incredibly far-reaching his play writing has come, across the world, through time and space.

He would be proud!
Image and quality are amazing, I saw it at it's premiere at the new filmmakers of new york festival last January and I was impressed with the product, hopefully we see this in DVD's all over pretty soon. The story could have been told a little better, but it's a must see if you are a Shakespeare fan or wanna introduce your kids to this masterpiece of literature. The idea of having a Latino Hamlet not only show the importance of the Spanish population in the world but also, gives us, Latino, the idea of we are the same as everyone else and even when it's related to drugs, its a reality and that reality is the world that we live in today. Congrats to the Director and producer for this great idea and for being able to put it together for all of us. thank you