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Boy Meets Girl
Boy Meets Girl
TV Series
Danny Reed, a lonely DIY store employee obsessed with conspiracy theories, finds himself trapped inside the body of Veronica Burton, an affluent female fashion journalist.
Series cast summary:
Rachael Stirling Rachael Stirling - Veronica Burton 4 episodes, 2009
Martin Freeman Martin Freeman - Danny Reed 4 episodes, 2009
Marshall Lancaster Marshall Lancaster - Pete 4 episodes, 2009
Paterson Joseph Paterson Joseph - Jay Metcalfe 4 episodes, 2009
Angela Griffin Angela Griffin - Fiona 4 episodes, 2009
Tamzin Malleson Tamzin Malleson - Siobhan 4 episodes, 2009
Peter Wight Peter Wight - Bill 4 episodes, 2009
Lisa Millett Lisa Millett - Jenny 4 episodes, 2009
Stuart McGugan Stuart McGugan - Malcolm 4 episodes, 2009
James Lance James Lance - Ali 4 episodes, 2009
Jason Furnival Jason Furnival - Security Guy 3 episodes, 2009
Seamus O'Neill Seamus O'Neill - Barry 3 episodes, 2009
Paul Oldham Paul Oldham - Stevo 3 episodes, 2009
Rachel Brogan Rachel Brogan - Gazette Receptionist 3 episodes, 2009
Maxine Burth Maxine Burth - Librarian 2 episodes, 2009
Ged McKenna Ged McKenna - Desk Sergeant 2 episodes, 2009
Samantha Seager Samantha Seager - Barmaid 2 episodes, 2009
John Churnside John Churnside - Toilet Attendant 2 episodes, 2009
Pete Dunwell Pete Dunwell - Danny's Landlord 2 episodes, 2009
Val Tagger Val Tagger - Mrs. Burton 2 episodes, 2009
David Williams David Williams - Veronica's Dad 2 episodes, 2009

Boy Meets Girl
There have been dozens of films and television shows that have attempted to answer the question 'What would it be like to switch places someone else?' I have seen many of these, and this is by far the best. The acting is superb, the emotions are real, and the courses of action are rational and very believable. This makes it far more interesting and entertaining. The story centers mainly around Danny read, who wakes up in the body of Veronica Burton portrayed brilliantly by Rachel Stirling, after the two are struck by lightning near power lines. The idea that this could happen is the only suspension of disbelief required.
I have just watched the first episode of this gender swap series. I was expecting the usual tired clichés that are usually generated by this often used storyline but I was blown away by the writing and the central performances. Rachael Stirling (I have never seen her before) carries the first episode with an excellent portrayal of the confusion and discomfort generated by a man finding himself in a woman's body.She is most definitely her mother's (Diana Rigg) daughter. It is played for both laughs and serious content and it works. Martin Freeman establishes the mans character from the start and has yet to come into the story proper but is his usual solid self. If the rest of the series is as good as the first episode then it is going to be essential viewing in the same way "Life on Mars" was. The characters which surround the two leads are all seasoned actors whom we have seen in several other TV series but they add good support. The whole thing is a real intriguing treat.
** Contains Spoilers ** A great little mini-series that leaves you with more questions to ponder after it finishes...I really enjoyed it.

I liked the open ending...all the answers being demanded by the first few posters in this thread are left to our own interpretations, which imo was the best way to end it...nice to not be spoon-feed all the answers.

There are many possible interpretations to the ending. My own view is that the transfer was not 100% ie. there was a little bit of Danny left in Veronica and a little of Veronica left in Danny and they are both the better for it. Danny will stop wasting his life in a dead end job and at the pub and Veronica realises how shallow and vacuous her life is and can't live it anymore.

A great little mini-series in my opinion.