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Pulled Pork
Rote Rosen Pulled Pork (2006– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Christoph Klünker,Michaela Zschiechow
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Marina Heib,Barbara Kröger
  • Cast:
    Anne Moll,Oliver Sauer,Maria Fuchs
  • Time:
  • Year:
Madeleine makes Arthur clear that he is an egoist; she doesn't go for him. Later: Inge calls Arthur to tell him that there is no trace of Madeleine who left her cell phone at home and didn't show up in the office. Lasse tells Nora about the budget shortage; will the project be laid on ice? Arthur's former science institute is prepared to fill up the budget. Arthur assures Nora he will not return to the institute. Carla puts Nora at ease. Merle and Erika think that Volker wants a house together with Merle. Britta asks Volker if he knows more about the ominous Hartmann. He answers he's busy but will find it out. Volker makes Merle clear he sells his house in Berlin; she advises him to let it and he agrees. Volker informs Thomas that an anonymous financial donor gives 600,000 euro for the expansion of the cancer department. Merle guesses right that Volker is the donor. Carla advises Eliane to talk with the tax authorities for a lower tax debt. Eliane hopes that the ladies of the business...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Anne Moll Anne Moll - Nora Franke
Oliver Sauer Oliver Sauer - Lasse Petersen
Maria Fuchs Maria Fuchs - Carla Saravakos
Leonie Landa Leonie Landa - Edda Franke
Gregory B. Waldis Gregory B. Waldis - Volker Carstens
Brigitte Antonius Brigitte Antonius - Johanna Jansen (credit only)
Gerry Hungbauer Gerry Hungbauer - Thomas Jansen
Hermann Toelcke Hermann Toelcke - Gunter Flickenschild
Joachim Kretzer Joachim Kretzer - Torben Lichtenhagen
Anja Franke Anja Franke - Merle Vanlohen
Madeleine Lierck Madeleine Lierck - Erika Rose (as Madeleine Lierck-Wien)
Claus Dieter Clausnitzer Claus Dieter Clausnitzer - Hannes Lüder (credit only)
Jelena Mitschke Jelena Mitschke - Britta Berger
Hakim-Michael Meziani Hakim-Michael Meziani - Ben Berger
Samantha Viana Samantha Viana - Eliane Da Silva

Rote Rosen Pulled Pork (2006– )