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The Drop-Ins: Part 2
Welcome Back, Kotter The Drop-Ins: Part 2 (1975–1979)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Norman Abbott
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Gabe Kaplan,Gabe Kaplan
  • Cast:
    Gabe Kaplan,Marcia Strassman,John Sylvester White
  • Time:
  • Year:
Horshack, Epstein, and Washington, now dropped out of school, decide to look for jobs. Kotter then asks Barbarino, now working as an orderly, to convince them to go back to school.
Episode cast overview:
Gabe Kaplan Gabe Kaplan - Gabe Kotter (as Gabriel Kaplan)
Marcia Strassman Marcia Strassman - Julie Kotter
John Sylvester White John Sylvester White - Mr. Michael Woodman
Robert Hegyes Robert Hegyes - Juan Epstein
Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs - Freddie 'Boom Boom' Washington
Ron Palillo Ron Palillo - Arnold Horshack
John Travolta John Travolta - Vinnie Barbarino
Charles Fleischer Charles Fleischer - Carvelli
Bob Harcum Bob Harcum - Wilbur Murray (as Robert Harcum)
Marian Collier Marian Collier - Nurse Baker

Welcome Back, Kotter The Drop-Ins: Part 2 (1975–1979)

Washington reveals his middle name is "Percy."

Freddie makes a joke about "hating short people." This was a reference to then popular song "Short People," by Randy Newman. It reached #2 in the Billboard charts and was prevented from reaching #1 by the success of the soundtrack to La fièvre du samedi soir (1977), which also lead to super stardom for John Travolta who would prematurely leave the series during the fourth season.

"The Drop-Ins: Part 2" begins at the hospital where Barbarino works, not as a doctor but just an orderly, but an unexpected visit from his fellow Sweathogs forces Vinnie to pretend he's really a doctor. Kotter shows up a short time later to ask him to convince the others to return to school. Vinnie's reluctant to go back himself since he's now a happy working man, but Gabe informs him that if this was the kind of job he wanted he didn't have to go to school (Barbarino: "now you tell me!"). One plus for Vinnie is his pleasant bedside manner, which doesn't quite make up for his lack of knowledge about hospital procedure. All four Sweathogs are back in Kotter's classroom for the fadeout, for the very last time in the series in fact (we also learn that Washington's middle name is Percy). Marcia Strassman's role as Julie would expand this season, as Gabe Kaplan's would contract, with Della Reese added as a new teacher for just two episodes.