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Death Knows Your Name
Death Knows Your Name (2007)
  • Director:
    Daniel de la Vega
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Demián Rugna
  • Cast:
    Rodrigo Aragón,Hugo Halbrich,Mimi Rivera
  • Time:
    1h 28min
  • Year:
Bruce Taylor (Rodrigo Aragon) works as a doctor at a mental hospital with a dark mysterious history. When the nightmares of a patient starts to affect Bruce's sleep, he thinks he might be going crazy himself. Worse still, the discovery of an old human skull threatens everyone with disease. Bruce must call upon his father Anthony for help to figure out the truth behind the skull and stop the spread of the disease.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Rodrigo Aragón Rodrigo Aragón - Bruce Taylor / Gregor Vanhess
Hugo Halbrich Hugo Halbrich - Anthony Taylor
Mimi Rivera Mimi Rivera - Debra Miles
Kevin Schiele Kevin Schiele - Richard Ian Patterson
Veronica Mari Veronica Mari - Melissa Taylor
Patricia Gomez Patricia Gomez - Paula
Javier Gorleri Javier Gorleri - Walter
Gonzalo Alfonsin Gonzalo Alfonsin - Cunningham
Alicia Vidal Alicia Vidal - Helen
Pablo Tur Pablo Tur - Forensic M.D.
Marcos Montes Marcos Montes - Cab Driver
Eugenia Rosales Eugenia Rosales - Nurse
Enrique Liporace Enrique Liporace - Cop 1
Sergio Mazurek Sergio Mazurek - Cop 2
Carlos Torrado Carlos Torrado - Cop 3

Death Knows Your Name (2007)
If only this was made in the 70s! In some of the scenes I felt I was traced back to French films of the 70s, which to me is a good thing. In others, "Death knows your Name" (misleading title) looked more like the usual splatter-feast nowadays produced in the US for the direct-to-DVD market. So this Argentian production seems to have two very different "parents". Speaking of strange mixtures, there's no doubt the story also had it's compelling parts, while other aspects were quite foreseeable. I like it when horror movies take place in the daylight, but I dislike an overload of (unexpained) symbolism (seen here, for instance, in the relevance of mirrors). The lead acting wasn't so convincing either. But overall, "Death" did have it's moments. I guess there are people out there that would really enjoy it. (I think I would like it better if the title was "Death doesn't know your name", just for the subtle fun of it.)
Dr. Bruce Taylor shares dreams with his mental patient Richard Patterson who also talks to the ground. Patterson makes predictions and leads Bruce to a buried skull in an abandoned wing of the hospital, one with a history.

What is unfortunate is that the single line description of the film at Amazon and at IMDB is specific information about the skull and a plot spoiler. However, that is not half bad because the film is tedious to watch. I liked the beginning, but it starts to way heavy at midpoint. The acting leaves much to be desired and the dialogue is a snooze.

Guide: No swearing or sex. Naked corpse torso. Blood. Argentine film in English.
DEATH KNOWS YOUR NAME is a very low budget psychological thriller that hails from Argentina. The main character is a handsome doctor who finds himself plagued by nightmares after tangling with one of his patients at a forbidding asylum. He soon uncovers a dark mystery involving the building and must figure out whether he's going crazy or if the supernatural is involved. There are some okay visuals here alongside a slim story and a little mood, but there's not much to it overall.