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Episode #2.1
Planet Parent Episode #2.1 (2001–2004)
TV Episode
Post Partum Depression . Kids and Swearing . How to Dress your Fussy Child . Active mom video diary Post Partum Depression (PPD) has been getting a lot of media attention recently with the tragic incident of an American woman who drowned her five children and the Toronto doctor who leapt in front of a subway holding her newborn. On Planet Parent's feature report, women who've suffered from PPD talk about their illness. Expert commentators include Dr. Donna Stewart, chair of the Women's Health Department at the University Health Network and Nurse Sharon Thompson, a counselor and support group facilitator at St. Joseph's Women's Health Centre (Toronto). Dad Louis Taylor and his five-year-old daughter Simone swear to tell the truth about kids and profanity on our Reality Check. Don't let dressing small children turn into a battle of will. Moms Diane Coulthard (son Jack is 4) and Brenley Shapiro (who has a 2-year-old) offer some tips on how to get your recalcitrant kid dressed for the day...
Episode credited cast:
Kate Tavender Kate Tavender - Herself - Host

Planet Parent Episode #2.1 (2001–2004)