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Lone Manu0027s Land
Lone Man's Land (2015)
  • Director:
    Sheilah Bright,Ezra Gentle
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  • Writer:
    Sheilah Bright,Ezra Gentle
  • Time:
    1h 5min
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One Oklahoma Panhandle family risks losing a legacy and culture generations of ancestors fought to preserve. Lone Man's Land follows the Apple family through 2014 and shows the cowboy life under attack. The story takes place in Kenton, Oklahoma, the westernmost town in Oklahoma with a population of twenty. Six miles from Colorado and three miles from New Mexico, Kenton is a quiet retirement community that's proved a perfect home to cattle ranchers for five generations, until now.

Lone Man's Land (2015)
Excellent documentary of a place that is becoming extinct. Lone Man's Land is not an imaginary place it is a place where you might just be able to see the last of the old west.

Where you work long hours for little pay but the satisfaction of life is priceless.

God Bless all who continue to live in Kenton Oklahoma. I have visited the area and agree that it may be the forgotten land, but it is God's land and there is a peace and beauty that you get when you visit the area.

The state of Oklahoma should be trying to preserve the great history it has in the panhandle of Oklahoma and promote family not corporate ranching.