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Dancing in the Flames
Dancing in the Flames (2009)
Creative Work
A film about the greatest mystery of life and the woman who understands it like no other.
Credited cast:
Andrew Harvey Andrew Harvey
Marion Woodman Marion Woodman
Ross Woodman Ross Woodman

Dancing in the Flames (2009)
Honestly, this is an amazing movie. People were saying "wow" out loud all the way through. What more can I say? See it. This movie does not have any psychobabble, but it does have some amazing stories of this woman's life. If you have any interest in spirituality, poetry or relationships you'll really enjoy it. Wonderful animation all the way through. I thought my friend would fall asleep, but she was glued to the screen. I guess I have to keep writing stuff for this to go up, but I don't want to spoil any of the stories in the film by recounting them here. I found myself so inspired after the film. I almost turned around and went back in for the later showing.