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Up the Aisle
Up the Aisle (2011)
  • Director:
    Paul O. Gardner
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Judas Falling
  • Cast:
    Matt Okine,Meg MacIntosh,Clare Griggs
  • Time:
    1h 36min
  • Year:
To inherit her beloved Nan's house shy, timid and socially awkward insect enthusiast Bexley must marry her unemployed Kiwi boyfriend Kevin in less than a week. If you've ever organized a wedding you'll know just how hard it is. But throw in a hired hit-man, a body that won't stay in it's coffin, flat tyres, anal probes, sumo wrestlers, an ill conceived Hangi pit, a burst water main, sabotaged beer kegs, samurai swords, two destroyed couches, a kidnapping, a shallow grave, a high speed car chase, a low speed car chase, a hostage situation, a shootout and a father who hates you're fiancé and you've got the recipe for a comedic disaster like you've never seen before. If she's ever going to get up the aisle Bexley will have to overcome all of these obstacles and choose the perfect napkins.
Credited cast:
Matt Okine Matt Okine - The Baker
Meg MacIntosh Meg MacIntosh - Sharon Pymble
Clare Griggs Clare Griggs - Photographer
Garry Who Garry Who - Gary
Dan Balcaban Dan Balcaban - The Beekeepers Apprentice
Rebecca Clay Rebecca Clay - Pamela Lloyd
Penny Day Penny Day - Aunty Penny
Steve Corner Steve Corner - Constable Nick
Kate Houston Kate Houston - Aunty Kate
Bianca Bateman Bianca Bateman - Bridal Shop Assistant
Guilherme Noronha Guilherme Noronha - Wesley
Kaja Trøa Kaja Trøa - Bridal Shopper
Andrew Johnston Andrew Johnston - Beekeeper
Christine Greenough Christine Greenough - Nan
Olivia Solomons Olivia Solomons - Bronte Avalon Pymble

Up the Aisle (2011)
Great movie, worth watching, lots of laughs!

Even had the teenagers in fits.

Non-stop action from start to finish, you will love this film. A story of greed and double-crossing, with wild car chases and of, course, a love story thrown in.

Beautifully written and directed by an up an coming writer from Sydney.

The acting is fabulous with good casting all round.

Hard to believe that these folks engaged so many willing volunteer crew, who worked so hard to make this movie happen.

Just shows what can be done on a shoestring budget if you have the talent!