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Red Dot on the Ocean
Red Dot on the Ocean (2014)
Red Dot on the Ocean is a riveting film about a troubled youth who becomes a sailing legend, earning two Guinness Records. Matt Rutherford was an angry teen with learning disabilities; a petty criminal who lived on the streets. Sailing saved him from a life of crime, or worse. Matt became the first to sail alone, without stopping around both Americas. His beat up boat was as tiny as his budget, yet he raised $120,000 for disabled sailors while braving icebergs, the Arctic and Cape Horn. After 309 days at sea, he returned to a hero's welcome and 30 dollars in the bank. He founded a non-profit that does ocean research. Matt's story makes us feel we can do more than we imagined.
Credited cast:
Matt Rutherford Matt Rutherford - Matt Rutherford

Red Dot on the Ocean (2014)