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The History of Rock 'n' Roll Guitar Heroes (1995)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Marc Sachnoff
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  • Writer:
    Marc Sachnoff
  • Cast:
    Duane Allman,Gregg Allman,Jeffrey Baxter
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Les Paul's invention of the electric guitar paved the way for later Rock 'n' Roll guitar heroes.
Episode credited cast:
Duane Allman Duane Allman - Himself
Gregg Allman Gregg Allman - Himself
Jeffrey Baxter Jeffrey Baxter - Himself (as Jeff Baxter)
Jeff Beck Jeff Beck - Himself
Chuck Berry Chuck Berry - Himself
Dickey Betts Dickey Betts - Himself
Bono Bono - Himself
Eric Burdon Eric Burdon - Himself
James Burton James Burton - Himself
Eric Clapton Eric Clapton - Himself
Mick Fleetwood Mick Fleetwood - Himself
Peter Frampton Peter Frampton - Himself
Jerry Garcia Jerry Garcia - Himself
Richie Havens Richie Havens - Himself
Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix - Himself (archive footage)

The History of Rock 'n' Roll Guitar Heroes (1995)
Freaky Hook
Freaky Hook
Guitar greats discuss their instrument, and other artists, in this interesting segment of the History Of Rock 'n Roll series. It was interesting to me because I love a good guitar sound, which is one reason I am big fan of the blues as well as rock.

Les Paul is not a name young people probably recognize but he is noted here as the pioneer of electric guitar. What a difference in sounds between Paul and rockers of the '50s up to the next decade, culminating with Jim Hendrix! That guy is still being imitated today and few people could ever do that. One was Stevie Ray Vaughan, but he's been gone for awhile, too.

Anyway, it's always great to hear Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and those guys from the '60s who are still going strong, along with blues great B.B. King and rock greats Mark Knopfler and Jeff Beck. That's just a handful mentioned here in this 45-minute program. Man, you could go on for hours about all the great guitar players over the last half century.

Note: this is non-rated but for those who might have younger kids watching this, two of the guitarists use the f-word while someone else (Eddie VanHalen?) mentions "getting pussy." Well, I'm sure rock guitarist have no problem in that area!

Overall this is an entertaining look and listen. If you buy or rent this, remember it was made in the mid '90s so guitarists who have made a name for themselves wouldn't be included here.
These documentaries are absolutely fascinating. Anyone who appreciates music, and how it came to be, will become entranced by watching this. The world's finest musicians ever appear, including: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Eddie Van Halen, and many others. Those interested in music, especially the guitar, will appreciate this very much.
I don't think it can be any better put than the way Carlos Santana says it in my summary line above. Once the electric guitar came on the scene, it transformed the music industry forever. This episode presents the pioneers of electronic rock, with first hand accounts from some of the greats - Santana, Pete Townshend, Carl Perkins, Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman and many, many more. Some of them pay tribute to early pioneers with particular reverence, men like Chuck Berry and James Burton, who played with Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson. They owe it all to the inventors of the electric guitar, Leo Fender and Les Paul, who's also shown on screen describing what it was like in the very early days of the 'solid body' guitar.

The episode traces the history of the electric guitar sound that emanated from it's roots in country Western, rockabilly, and the blues, and how living legends like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Back, Keith Richards and Bono developed their own particular signatures, so that anyone hearing them play might immediately know who it was without seeing them. It was particularly amusing to hear Pete Townshend reminisce, expressing his concern to Eric Clapton about this new guy Hendrix who was going to put them all out of business with the way he played.

Another amusing mention was made of Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Slash, who's style of holding his guitar directly corresponded to a certain portion of the male anatomy. Additional commentary pursued this line of male sexuality and the way it was expressed through music, an idea reinforced by the many groupies who followed these popular artists around from venue to venue. Virtually all took advantage, though Steven Tyler of Aerosmith did admit that he missed out on a lot of sex by being too stoned out on drugs and alcohol most of the time. Hearing him speak like that, it sounded like he learned his lesson.
Some would argue that there's no rock music without an electric guitar. To a degree the seventh installment in the ten part series of documentaries, "The History of Rock & Roll" states just that as it offers an interesting, if predictable examination of a few of the more revered rock guitarists. The episode tracks the electric guitar from it's beginnings in the 1930's to its use in contemporary rock music. Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Eddie Van Halen may top the list of finest guitar players, but for an installment in the history of rock and roll there are a few too many unrepresented contributors to the instrument. On the other hand it is absolutely charming to hear Townsend gush over Hendrix's out of this world talent.
This episode is just dedicated to guitar heroes such as Santana, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen etc. The driving force of electric guitar is what defined rock n roll music. As Jeff Baxter commented, no electric guitar, no rock n roll.

Artists each express love for their instrument in this episode, and how the instrument transformed their lives. To most of them this was their way out and to express themselves. As Bruce Springsteen puts it "The smell of electric guitar, it's like smell of grass, it brings certain feelings within you". Eddie Van Halen puts it as "When you walk into a music store, it's like walking into a candy shop".

If you love rock guitars, this episode is a must see.