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Love Hollywood Style
Love Hollywood Style (2006)
  • Director:
    Michael Stein
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Michael Stein
  • Cast:
    Michael Stein,Andy Dick,Faye Dunaway
  • Time:
    1h 29min
  • Year:
Four intertwining stories filled with fantasy, over the top comedy and drama set in the entertainment industry on Valentine's day
Cast overview, first billed only:
Michael Stein Michael Stein - Milton Sperling
Andy Dick Andy Dick - Bobby Ireland
Faye Dunaway Faye Dunaway - God
Bodhi Elfman Bodhi Elfman - James
Kadeem Hardison Kadeem Hardison - Ice Pop
Ed Lauter Ed Lauter - Lawrence
Angela Featherstone Angela Featherstone - Cathy Sherman
Stephen Tobolowsky Stephen Tobolowsky - Marty Greenbaum / Devil
Coolio Coolio - Himself
Sam Rubin Sam Rubin - Newscaster
Robert Picardo Robert Picardo - George
Larry Drake Larry Drake - Walter
Allison Lange Allison Lange - Carrol Ann
Jonathan Coogan Jonathan Coogan - Theatre Owner Fishley
David Ara David Ara - Freddy

Love Hollywood Style (2006)
You'll see me as a random extra in the crane shot of the poolside party scene. Where you won't see me though, is in the credits as one of the PAs in spite of the slaving I did. In all seriousness, I'm not bitter about the experience, but the set decoration is possibly the worst I've ever seen. I've been looking forward to seeing the finished product for three years since I worked on it and hope that some day it's available on Netflix.

Michael Stein, if you read this, (and I know you will) I think you're an awesome guy and a pretty damn good director. If you ever run into a spare million dollars or two, I've got some projects that need funding.
Hey Michael! If ya read this.... when are you going to let me design a kick ass movie poster for you!? Anyways I too, also worked on this wacky comedy, which was a lot of fun putting together the "fixed shots." It's been a few years altogether since I've had the pleasure of meeting Michael, who is a great director in the works (also go getter/hustler I might add) ...who I admire. This was my first feature film I worked on instead of just being an extra on films. I was hoping to see a new trailer up, from which I remember was a re-edited version of the film. The Movie captures the loonyness & insanity that truly is Los Angeles & the movie industry..." lala land." I hope to see the final version soon. Long live Mashugana! -Jose
Michael Stein spins a web of comedy with drama that is a classic throw back to the comedies of the seventies. The difference with "Love Hollywood Style" is the subtle nuances of existentialism are written into the story to add a different style of comedy. There is almost an mystic feeling that goes on with each story in the film. The actors are intense, yet the subject matter is wild. There are four stories withing the film, ala "Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask". Andy Dick is hilarious and Faye Dunaway is amazing. The film is filled with great performances for all included. Highly recommend for the performances sheer analytical aspects of the content alone.