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Sunghursh (2013)
  • Director:
    Harnam Singh Rawail
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Abrar Alvi,Mahasweta Devi
  • Cast:
    Dilip Kumar,Vyjayanthimala,Balraj Sahni
  • Time:
    2h 55min
  • Year:
The Prasads live in Banaras circa 19th Century, and consist of Bhawani - a thug, who poses as a holy man, luring devotees and robbing them; his wife - who will have nothing to do with his ill-gotten gains; his son, Shankar - like his mother has distanced himself from crime; Shankar's wife and her three children: Kundan, Yashoda and Gopal. Bhawani forcibly takes Kundan with him to follow in his footsteps and forbids him from seeing the rest of the family. Kundan's childhood friend is Munni, an orphan, who leaves for Calcutta after being reunited with her biological parents. Then there is Bhawani's estranged brother, Naubatlal, and his two sons, Ganeshi and Dwarka. Naubatlal and Bhawani have hated each other, and things only get worse after Shankar gets killed, Bhawani claims that Naubatlal killed him, and has him killed. This causes deep strife within Bhawani's family, and he is left alone with only Kundan. Years later both the Prasad families have grown up - but their hatred has not ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Dilip Kumar Dilip Kumar - Kundan S. Prasad / Bajrangi
Vyjayanthimala Vyjayanthimala - Munni / Laila-E-Aasmaan
Balraj Sahni Balraj Sahni - Ganeshi N. Prasad
Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar - Dwarka N. Prasad
Jayant Jayant - Bhawani Prasad
Sunder Sunder - Mama (Kundan's uncle)
Ulhas Ulhas - Bhim
Deven Verma Deven Verma - Nisar
Durga Khote Durga Khote - Bhawani Prasad's Wife
Padma Khanna Padma Khanna - Mama's wife (as Padma)
Sulochana Latkar Sulochana Latkar - Shankar's wife (as Sulochana)
Iftekhar Iftekhar - Shankar B. Prasad
Urmila Bhatt Urmila Bhatt - Kunti G. Prasad
Padma Rani Padma Rani - Dwarka's wife
D.K. Sapru D.K. Sapru - Naubatlal Prasad (as Sapru)

Sunghursh (2013)

It was during the movies shooting Dilip Kumar first met Sanjeev Kumar. After doing a intense scene with Sanjeev Kumar, the director called for lunch break. It was during lunch that Dilip Kumar asked the director " Where did you find that old man ?(Sanjeev). He is such a good actor. He was quite surprised!". That is when the director had a good laugh and told Dilip that Sanjeev was wearing make up and actually was only 29.

Dimple Kapadia was to debut as a child artiste. But they felt she looked older than the younger version of Dilip Kumar.

Filmaker H.S.Rawail made this film after Mere Mehboob which was completely a different film from Sunghursh, then he made a different film Mehboob Ki Mehndi.

This film had major powerful actors besides Dilip Kumar like Balraj Sahni, Jayant and Sapru. Sanjeev Kumar was a new comer when he acted in this film.

It is said that during the making of Sungursh, Dilip Kumar and Vijyentimala dint talk to each other.

Nearly after 25 years of Sungursh, then Rawail"s son Rahul Rawail made a film with Anil Kapoor and Madhuri and tittled it Sungursh. But then he had to change it to Jeevan Ek Sungursh.

This was the only film film H.S.Rawail and Dilip Kumar worked toghether and this was the last film Dilip Kumar and Vyjentimala came toghether.

Sadhana was to do the film but opted out due to her thyroid problem.

It is said that this movie is the last movie music maestro Naushad Ali and lyricist Shakeel Badayuni have worked together.

Raaj Kumar was signed for the film but later replaced by Sanjeev Kumar.

Sajid Khan (Mother India) was signed for the film but later opted out so he could go to Hollywood. He was replaced by Dilip Dhawan.

Kaamdev Jaisi Teri Suratiya" in TUM HASIN MAIN JAWAN (1970) and "Mere Paas Aao, Nazar To Milao" in SUNGHARSH (1968) sound the same.

This is the first movie (of only 3 I guess and my score is 0-3) where the acting greats Dileep Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar acted together. And I guess Sanjeev Kumar (in what ever limited opportunity he got he) just overshadowed Dileep Kumar (who incedently was rarely below average) and in this movie was a joy to watch.

We have another great actor Balraj Sahani and great actress Vaijayanthi Mala giving polished performances.

Dileep Kumar and Balraj Sahani belong to two feuding families (of a town on banks of Ganges). Sanjeev Kumar is younger brother of Balraj Sahani who talks to Dileep Kumar for reconciling but get killed by someone who does not want these to families to join hands. So there is more feud. Vaijanthi Mala plays a dancer who is desired by both Dileep Kumar and Balraj Sahani.

Great acting, good songs (and Dileep Kumar has danced well in Mere pairon main ghoongroo bandha de ...). But, story I would say is on known tracks.