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Rambling u0027Round Radio Row #7
Rambling 'Round Radio Row #7 (1933)
  • Director:
    Jerry Wald
  • Category:
  • Cast:
    Ted Pearson,Al Dary,Tito Guízar
  • Time:
  • Year:
A radio salesman is trying to sell some gypsies a radio. But they have their easy to operate crystal ball, that even works as a TV. They show him how easy it works by listening to the doings of the Rhythm Boys, Tito Guizar, the Picken Sisters and Ann Lee, and let him try to receive a Frank Hazard program.
Credited cast:
Ted Pearson Ted Pearson - Himself / Host
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Al Dary Al Dary - Himself (as Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys)
Tito Guízar Tito Guízar - Tito Guizar
Frank Hazard Frank Hazard - Himself
Ray Kulz Ray Kulz - Himself (as Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys)
Ann Leaf Ann Leaf - Herself / Pianist
Jimmy Noel Jimmy Noel - Himself (as Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys)
Helen Pickens Helen Pickens - Herself (as The Pickens Sisters)
Jane Pickens Jane Pickens - Herself (as The Pickens Sisters)
Patti Pickens Patti Pickens - Herself (as The Pickens Sisters)

Rambling 'Round Radio Row #7 (1933)

Vitaphone production reel #1474

I recently got a hold of the multi-disk set "Warner Brothers Big Band, Jazz & Swing Short Subject Collection". It's made up of over 11 hours of Vitaphone musical shorts. Disk 1 is a bit different in style, as it consists mostly of the "Ramblin' Round Radio Row" shorts. These mostly star Jerry Wald. Wald apparently was famous for a newspaper column on radio programs and this was parlayed into him getting the chance to produce these shorts.

Like the rest of the films in the series, the plot was a very thin disguise for a talent show. In this case, it begins with a radio salesman trying to sell a radio to Gypsies who show him their magical crystal ball that receives music videos! The acts you see aren't bad but they're all virtually unknown to anyone watching the short today. The Hispanic singing was an odd one, as his singing wasn't bad but seeing him just sit there in a chair and sing made me wonder why he didn't just stick to radio! The Pickens Sisters were very unusual and hit notes and made sounds I didn't think were possible from humans! However, overall, it all makes you think that maybe the crystal ball wasn't all that magical after all as the film was not especially memorable--though the acts were certainly a lot better than you would have seen in #2 and 4 in the series.
Rambling 'Round Radio Row #6 (1933)

** (out of 4)

A group of gypsies are sitting outside their home when a radio salesman (Ted Pearson) comes up to them hoping to sell a radio. The gypsies aren't interested until he turns it on and let's them hear some of the great music out there. The Pickens Sisters, Paul Whiteman's New Rhythm Boys, Tito Guizar and Frank Hazard are just some of the musical and comic talents on display here. The nine-minute short is about average with the rest in the series as the music is decent but nothing great. The attempted bits of comedy are mildly amusing but nothing more. As with some of the earlier films, this here remains mostly a curio for those wanting to see old-time music being performed by those most have long forgotten (if they were ever known). On that level this short is interesting but I doubt it's going to appeal to very many.