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Audreyu0027s Painting
The Blagoons Audrey's Painting (2014– )
TV Episode
The little ghosts want to play cards. But their favorite game is played by four gamers and they are only three. They need one more. But who? Garbour helps Uncle Bob in the workshop and Audrey is coloring her picture. They offer Audrey to stop coloring and join them in their game. She agrees but asks them to wait for her to finish the coloring of the dress she's painting. The little ghosts don't have patience. Flim Flam suggests them to tear out her painting. This way she wouldn't have anything to color and will join their game faster. Boom and Squeak crease Audrey's painting. She's very upset from this. The little ghosts understand that they have done this wrong. Uncle Bob advises them to apologize to her.
Episode credited cast:
Hristo Kolev Hristo Kolev
Momchil Mihaylov Momchil Mihaylov

The Blagoons Audrey's Painting (2014– )