i589 Online HD

  • Director:
    Perry Cassagnol
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Perry Cassagnol,Killam Peter
  • Cast:
    Julie Kendall,Joao Bounassar,Tony Delerme
The year is 1980 and an agreement between Cuban-Americans and the Cuban government resulted in a decree by Fidel Castro that allowed Cubans to leave their homeland Cuba freely without repercussions. Consequently, a mass exodus of over 120, 000 Cubans which later came to be known as Marielitos arrived in South Florida. The Department of Justice (DOJ) along with Immigration Naturalization Services (INS) was scrambling to find a way to manage and process the permanent asylum statuses for this vast number of Cubans refugees. The movie Scarface depicted this scenario. A solution was then devised to place them in refugee camps while waiting processing. Once processed, all Cubans would be able to remain in the US. Now it's 1987 and seven years later, South Florida is again inundated with refugees. However this time, it is not the Cubans but Haitians. Haitian refugees started arriving in South Florida in large numbers fleeing their homeland Haiti immediately before and after President Jean ...
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Julie Kendall Julie Kendall - Director
Joao Bounassar Joao Bounassar - Registrar Manager
Tony Delerme Tony Delerme
Phillip Giannikas Phillip Giannikas - Federal Agent
Cartiss Brown Cartiss Brown - Student
Wayne Patrick Wayne Patrick - Federal Agent
Beaubrun Eric Beaubrun Eric - Federal Agent
Reggie P. Louis Reggie P. Louis - Correctional Officer
Mecca Aka Grimo Marcelin Mecca Aka Grimo Marcelin - TBD
Martine Jospeh Martine Jospeh - Female Detainee
Michael Vincitorio Michael Vincitorio - Federal Agent
Doyle Amy Doyle Amy - Registrar Supervisor
Pierre Patrick Pierre Patrick - Patrick
Berne Priscilla Berne Priscilla - Fannie Bazille
Harley Souza Harley Souza - Student