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The Leap of Despair (1913)
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    Italia Almirante-Manzini,Amerigo Manzini,Alex Bernard
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Countess Lilian, bored and wearied with the dull monotony of her empty society life, seeks relief and recreation in the saddle upon her famous mount, Phosphorus. To win a wager, she rides this temperamental steed along the parapet of a high bridge, before crowds, who, awe-struck, see her dally with death. A misstep by the horse and she would have crashed earthward several hundred feet below. Albert Mariam sees the daring deed, and struck by her daring, contrives to meet her. Falling in love with each other, they marry. Soon after, Mariam's mining stocks become worthless. Ruin confronts him. To save their honest name, the Countess becomes a circus rider, contracting to perform an act in which the previous rider had been killed. The act is a big success, her horse walking up a spiral construction and being suspended in mid-air upon a swinging bridge, with Lilian in the saddle. Inconstant Albert becomes enamored of Lottie, a pretty tight-rope walker, and Lilian is neglected. Although ...
Cast overview:
Italia Almirante-Manzini Italia Almirante-Manzini - Countess Lillian
Amerigo Manzini Amerigo Manzini
Alex Bernard Alex Bernard - (as Alessandro Bernard)
Giovanni Casaleggio Giovanni Casaleggio

The Leap of Despair (1913)
A well photographed and well-staged romance in the life of people well to do. We have pictures showing the boxes at an opera, palaces and a stock exchange. Two persons are happily married. The husband gets word that a gold mine in which is invested his entire fortune has given out and that he consequently is impoverished. Later the wife accepts a place in a circus as a rider. The husband, humiliated at the prospect of being supported by his wife, takes advantage of the attentions of another circus woman to make his wife believe they are welcome and that he is leaving her on that account. In her despair she jumps from a high platform with her horse to the ground. Regardless of the manner in which the leap is contrived it is convincing and thrilling, which is sufficient. The woman is badly hurt, but not killed. She recovers, and later, when a new vein is discovered in the mine, all ends happily. The action may drag a bit in the third reel, but the sensational feature of the jump in the fourth reel and the horsewoman's leap to the parapet of the bridge in the first part offset this. - The Moving Picture World, December 6, 1913