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Lust Italian Style
Lust Italian Style (1987)
Creative Work
  • Director:
    Fred J. Lincoln
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Mark Weiss
  • Cast:
    Barbara Dare,Porsche Lynn,Sharon Mitchell
  • Time:
    1h 33min
  • Year:
Cast overview:
Barbara Dare Barbara Dare - Barbara
Porsche Lynn Porsche Lynn - Vicky
Sharon Mitchell Sharon Mitchell - Maria (as Miss Sharon Mitchell)
Marilyn Jess Marilyn Jess - Loisa (sic)
John Leslie John Leslie - Frank
Joey Silvera Joey Silvera - Mario
Valerie St. Cloud Valerie St. Cloud - Loisa
Lisa Belle Lisa Belle - Paulina (as Lisa Bella)
Christoph Clark Christoph Clark - Luigi (as Christophe Clark)
Roberto Malone Roberto Malone - Antonio (as Robert Malone)
Frank Jonathan Frank Jonathan - The Customer
Rocco Siffredi Rocco Siffredi - The Sailor (as Rocky Siffreddy)
Yvonne Van Leuwen Yvonne Van Leuwen - The Waitress

Lust Italian Style (1987)
I have long been intrigued by the practice, in more affluent times, of importing Yank porno talent to Italy, Germany, Ibiza or other European production centers to brighten up local productions, especially adding worldwide name recognition to the cast lists. My favorite Sarah Young and her mentor Hans Moser routinely did this circa 1991, and "Lust Italian Style" is a similar effort.

Smoothly directed by Fred J. Lincoln from an okay Mark Weiss script, it limns the self-inflicted travails of John Leslie during his week-long visit to Rome to attend the funeral of his uncle. His wife Porsche Lynn objects to this sudden "away from her' excursion, and later shows up in Rome to sort of spoil his trip and certainly keep the story's twists and turns active.

Not exactly a rom-com, but as performed by an able and starry cast this minor tale shot on lovely locations is certainly far better than the typical VHS production shot on video for Rentals or Purchase from your local Video Shack store 30 years ago. Joey Silvera in particular is perfectly cast, with his fluent Italian, as a relative of Leslie's who shows folks around the Old Country.

There they meet several Euro Porn superstars of the future including Christophe Clark (whose reciting of English dialog is mostly unintelligible) and Roberto Malone, as well as some more obscure favorites like Marilyn Jess (miscredited as "Loisa" when in fact her character, per Clark's mention, is named Laura).

Star of the feature is Barbara Dare as a prostitute from Ohio, who unfortunately stayed too long at the tanning salon with her orange- tinted skin reminding me too much of ex-speaker of the house John Boehner for comfort. Leslie falls in love with her, and she and Leslie have good verbal banter. Billed as "Rocky Siffreddy", the great Rocco shows up late in the proceedings to hump Porsche (and get the usual "it's huge!" epithet from her).