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The Legend of Sarmoti: Siegfried u0026 Roy
The Legend of Sarmoti: Siegfried & Roy
TV Series
In the fantasy world of Sarmoti, Siegfried & Roy are quick-witted adventurers determined to find the rare creature who has become a myth to most of its citizens.
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Andrew Hawkes Andrew Hawkes - Siegfried unknown episodes

The Legend of Sarmoti: Siegfried & Roy
Many people know Siegfried and Roy as a very odd couple. They are commonly known as magicians, but they prefer to be called entertainers. Thus, as entertainers, not magicians, what is so wrong with making an animated movie with main characters based on yourself?This is the only train of thought I can follow that leads me to understand why this movie was produced.

Siegfried and Roy are two muscular, noble, and valiant do-gooders who team up to fight the evil forces, called Titans, of their magical fantasy land. The plot features many, many snippets of old stories and Greek/Roman myths, crudely put together in a way that makes your head spin. For instance, Siegfried and Roy travel with an elfish companion named Rumplestiltskin, Loki is the main villain, and the king is Midas, and all of them follow their traditional mythological story, just in an awful way (except for Rumplestiltskin, he's there for comic relief, oddly enough). The plot moves through each of these stories so ridiculously fast that you quickly lose track of what's going on.

This movie is probably one to see if you're a fan of cheesy movies. The idea of Siegfried and Roy as warriors in a fantasy setting should be enough to get most people chuckling, but there's more. Siegfried has one of the cheesiest battle cries I've ever heard, and he uses it often. He will boast that "the magic is back!" before going into action. He uses it so often that it seems he would yell it to do ordinary things like getting on his carriage or opening a door. There are also some cheesy special effects they try to put into the movie, which is already skewered by generic character designs and animation. Fans of Siegfried and Roy will not be disappointed in knowing that they also have a white tiger companion in the movie, who is powerful and magical.

"Siegfried and Roy: Masters of the Impossible" really does ask you to do the impossible- follow the most rushed and incoherent plot starring the alter-egos of two odd entertainment icons. As a movie meant for kids, it's simply awful. Otherwise, you'll probably get some laughs from it, especially watching it with a group of friends. Just remember, the magic is back!