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Time Slip Megane
Time Slip Megane (2013)
  • Director:
    Jirô Nagae
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Keiko Kanome
  • Cast:
    Takukazu Kameya,Koji Moriishi,Ikuji Nakata
  • Year:
Fuiko Hashida (Shinozaki) runs her own nail salon in Tokyo. She is informed of her father's death one day. She has not spoken to her father in eight years and since leaving the hometown and falling out with him. She returns to town for the funeral. She is coincidentally wearing eyeglasses and travels eight years into the past and sees the town as if it were then. She remembers that at that time the town had trouble with a business and businessman dumping trash and destroying nature. She resolves to change the city's future.
Credited cast:
Takukazu Kameya Takukazu Kameya - Thug Underling
Koji Moriishi Koji Moriishi - Tomoki Makabe
Ikuji Nakata Ikuji Nakata - Thug Underling
Erika Nishi Erika Nishi - Mika Sudoo
Go Ohshio Go Ohshio - Goda
Haruna Shijô Haruna Shijô - Saki Kubota
Ai Shinozaki Ai Shinozaki - Fujiko Hashida
Ryôji Sugimoto Ryôji Sugimoto - Akio Hashida
Kumi Takana Kumi Takana - Riho Hashida
Mamoru Tsubouchi Mamoru Tsubouchi - Shinji Chikada

Time Slip Megane (2013)