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Hong yi leng xue jin mian ren
Hong yi leng xue jin mian ren (1977)
  • Director:
    Chung Ting
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Hsin Wei
  • Cast:
    Kuan-Chun Chi,Wei Tung,Kuan-Hsiung Wang
  • Time:
    1h 30min
  • Year:
Life takes a turn for Chi Kwan Chun after he accepts a contract from the mysterious "Golden Mask". The "mark" turns out to be Chi's brother and after unwittingly fulfilling the contract, Chi gets caught up in a plot to kill the master of Eagle House.
Credited cast:
Kuan-Chun Chi Kuan-Chun Chi - Chun San Lung (as Chea Kwin Chwn)
Wei Tung Wei Tung - (as Tung Wai)
Kuan-Hsiung Wang Kuan-Hsiung Wang
Chun-Erh Lung Chun-Erh Lung - (as Lung Chun Ern)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chung-Kuei Chang Chung-Kuei Chang
Yi Kuei Chang Yi Kuei Chang
Chin Hai Chen Chin Hai Chen
Kau Chen Kau Chen
Kai Chia Kai Chia
Chung Ho Chung Ho
Sze-Yuen Ho Sze-Yuen Ho - (as Szu-Yuan Hao)
Wei-Hsiung Ho Wei-Hsiung Ho
Han Chang Hu Han Chang Hu
Kwong Hu Kwong Hu
Kuan-Hsien Huang Kuan-Hsien Huang

Hong yi leng xue jin mian ren (1977)
Golden Killah is a very special movie. I first watched it with one of my extremely corny friend, who likes to buy cheap dvds that somehow can't be sold. To tell you the truth, i don't really remember half of what happened during those 90 minutes, but i can assure you one thing: it was one of the funniest and crappiest movie I have ever seen. If you like that kind of messed up extremely low budget flicks from the 70s, Golden Killah and The Massive are the best of the genre (yeah right...) memorable quotes from this movie:

antisocial hero: hmmm... random chinese guy with weird beard: hey my friend... antisocial hero: hmm... get lost...i'mnot your friend..hmmm random guy: hey antisocial hero: hmm.... mind your own business

another memorable scene:

random guy #2: hey, did you see a man with a golden mask and a red robe? antisocial hero: hmm... get lost...


inn guy: hmm...my friend...(pointing at an ugly creature girl sitting nearby) beware, she's a cruel bitch... antisocial hero: hmm...

I don't think i need more examples to illustrate the extreme depth of this amazingly complex masterpiece. But i still wonder why the hero was so antisocial. well... maybe you need to watch the movie to find out more about his complex personality. I recall a number of cruel fight scenes (nothing great, but highly experimental), a couple of random people with silly hair, and an amazingly ridiculous assassin. But who is this golden killah? well, as the antisocial hero would probably reply, "get lost... mind your own business", trust me... you should follow his advice Common, do i have to rate this movie????
GOLDEN MASK is one of the below par kung fu films that Chi Kuan-Chun made after parting ways with Shaw Brothers. These films are far below the quality of his work done with that studio although fans of the genre may find elements of enjoyment here or there. This one has a particularly ridiculous set-up. Kuan-Chun is met by a weirdo in a gold mask who pays him to carry out an assassin. All well and good, until Kuan-Chun discovers that he's just murdered his own brother (how stupid can you get?). The rest of the film charts his progress as he hunts for the mask wearer, looking for revenge.

There's plentiful action here and all of it is low rent and unremarkable. Kuan-Chun did some excellent work at Shaw but the director of this film fails to capitalise on his lead's strengths and as a result he feels unremarkable. The action scenes are certainly brisk but routine, and the whole thing is hampered by the low budget and poor dubbing. The most inventive part of it is the climax, in which Kuan-Chun's opponent has some impressive tricks up his sleeve including spinning guillotine-style weapons and numerous body doubles.
Someone is stabbed and Chi Kuan-Chun seems to know him. He comes across more dead bodies. A stranger tells him they were all poisoned. He seems to be hallucinating. He goes to a temple, fights a monk, and gets orders to meet another man at a tea house. He goes there and sits among many strange characters. The stranger, Wong Goon-Hung, tells him about all these characters. A man in a golden mask kills the monk from the previous scene. Chi Kuan-Chun maintains his silence even when confronted by Doris Lung Chun-Erh. Finally he meets with a group and explains that golden mask hired him to kill a man and he did so not knowing it was his brother. That explains the opening scene but adds no sense to this story. The good part is that there is never a dull moment. Chi Kuan-Chun was one of the many martial arts actors from the Shaw Studios who struck out on his own. During 1977-1979 it seems a martial arts movie was made every day. This was his second or third movie outside of Shaw Brothers and he certainly delivers all the requirements of the leading man. I can only rate the movie as average. The over complicated story cancels out the good action sequences and that leaves just average.