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Dhum Dhadaka
Dhum Dhadaka (1985)
  • Director:
    Mahesh Kothare
  • Category:
  • Cast:
    Mahesh Kothare,Ashok Saraf,Laxmikant Berde
  • Time:
    2h 28min
  • Year:
Mahesh has a tiff with Gauir daughter of his boss Dhanajirao Wakde he is then fired from his job.later Mahesh and Gauri fall in love but it will be difficult to convince her father for their marriage as Mahesh is from a poor family,Mahesh takes the help of his best friend Ashok and tells him to pose as his father and a rich business man so Dhanajirao approves their marriage.Lakshya is the son of Dhanajirao who wants to make a film with a village belly whom he loves and tries to convince his father for their marriage and also finance the film .While Ashok and Mahesh's plan is going well Dhanajirao's second daughter arrives from city shocking Ashok as she is the female whom he loves.Ashok ,Mahesh and Lakshya have to try all possible ways so that Dhanajirao Wakde approves their marriage's.
Credited cast:
Mahesh Kothare Mahesh Kothare - Mahesh
Ashok Saraf Ashok Saraf - Ashok
Laxmikant Berde Laxmikant Berde - Lakshya
Sharad Talwalkar Sharad Talwalkar - Dhanajirao Ramchandra Wakde
Prema Kiran Prema Kiran
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jairam Kulkarni Jairam Kulkarni - Mahesh's Father
Surekha-Aishwarya Rane Surekha-Aishwarya Rane - Seema Wakade
Nivedita Joshi Saraf Nivedita Joshi Saraf - Gauri (as Nivedita Joshi)
Bipin Varti Bipin Varti

Dhum Dhadaka (1985)

Inspired from Hindi film Pyar Kiya Ja 1966.

Mahesh Kothare's first film as director he later on cast Laxmikanth Berde as a leading hero in all of his films until his death in 2004.

Only film to have legendary trio Ashok Saraf,Laxmikanth Berde and Mahesh Kothare together.

Mahmood who did a comedy scene with Om Prakash by telling him the horror story in Pyar Kiye Ja 1966, Laxmikanth Berde does the same scene with Sharad Talwalkar.

In the climax of the film three lead heroes dress up as Amar Akbar Anthony inspired from the song Anhoni Ko Honi Karde from the film Amar Akbar Anthony 1977.

Laxmikanth Berde's signing amount for the film was one Rupee.

Mahesh Kothare had gone to watch Aatmaram Bhende's play Zopi Gela Zaaga Jaala which also had his parents acting in it.He got inspired by Laxmikanth Berde's performance of Baban Prabhu in the play and told him whenever he will direct a film he will be his leading man and gave him One Rupee as a token for signing the film.

Mahesh Kothare choose to direct the film as remake of Pyar Kiye Ja 1966 as he wanted to play character of Shashi Kapoor.

Mahesh Kothare also wanted to dance on the song Ramlal Murdabad from Pyar Kiye Ja 1966.Hence he created it's Marathi version as Dhanajirao Wakade Murdabad.

First film of Ashok Saraf and Laxmikant Berde together.Who were paired together in numerous hit Marathi films.

Dhoom Dhadaka is one of the best comedy movie of Marathi Cinema. Must see for all Lakshya's and Ashok saraf's fans. You can not choose between Ashok and Laxmikant. May be they both have given their best performances in this movie. Sharad Talawalkar is again at his best and so is Mahesh Kothare. Songs of this movie were everywhere in those days. It can be called as Cult classic of the Marathi Cinema. There would be many millennials who have grown up with this movie and have special for this movie in their memories. The movie opens up with Mahesh kothare having trouble with his employer Dhanaji rao played by Sharad Talwalkar. Dhanaji Rao doesn't like the attitude and confidence of Mahesh and he fires from his job. This cause Mahesh to take revenge and with help of Ashok saraf they impersonate a wealthy family member.

Lakshmikant also adds up some comic turns to their plan.