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Новый уровень (2016)
  • Director:
    Adam Randall
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Andrew Orr,Adam Randall
  • Cast:
    Josh Bowman,Neil Maskell,William Houston
  • Time:
    1h 24min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
MATT and ANNA are a young couple living in London. Anna is starting her career and knows what she wants, whilst Matt is still struggling to find his purpose in life. On the surface they are happy but tensions are beginning to mount. Then one morning masked thugs break into the flat and kidnap Anna before assaulting Matt, locking him into a mysterious vest and leaving him a mobile phone. Matt is told the vest contains a package which he must deliver by following instructions issued to him via the mobile phone. If he fails, tries to seek help, or deviates from their instructions, they will kill Anna. Over the course of one day Matt has to make his way across London in a desperate bid to save his girlfriend as a host of characters attempt to derail him from his mission.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Josh Bowman Josh Bowman - Matt
Neil Maskell Neil Maskell - Dmitri
William Houston William Houston - The Businessman
Kulvinder Ghir Kulvinder Ghir - Osman
Doc Brown Doc Brown - Joel
Leila Mimmack Leila Mimmack - Anna
Christina Wolfe Christina Wolfe - Kya
Paul Reynolds Paul Reynolds - Taxi Driver
Cameron Jack Cameron Jack - Calvin
Jonathan Arkwright Jonathan Arkwright - Sean
Leon Annor Leon Annor - Keon
Oliver Jackson Oliver Jackson - Spray Man
Craig Rogan Craig Rogan - Running Man
Pamela Binns Pamela Binns - Old Lady
Okorie Chukwu Okorie Chukwu - Hoodie

Новый уровень (2016)
In short: This is "The Game (1997)" adapted to the society we live in now (1984) with some extra (read; unnecessary) layers that makes it feel a little as inception. It tries to be several things, and it does quite a decent job at it. This is not a bad movie and for me it is a strong 6.

In long: The lighting is good, the editing is alright and you can't fault the soundscore. It really only misses a binding soundtrack and using one would negate the feel of reality of the movie (though urgency can be expressed with music quite well - Run Lola Run 1998, which is likely to be another movie that has inspired this movie).

The downside is that it has a somewhat weak ending (where the several layers come in and a badly hid undertone about who's surveilling the ones doing the surveillance in the first place) - which is out of place even though it is in line with the message - question what the reality is and how you affect it.

Pro's • Cast (unknown which is in line with the plot line) • Action sequences (and not forcing it on the movie every time possible) • Rationality is alright and better depicting the notion of what manipulation of actions has the potential to do.

Con's • Messy ending • Could build tension better • Acting performances aren't top notch ALL the time (which is important in building tension and urgency)

End notes: Not top notch but overall a solid watch.
I don't even know where to begin.

The premise is ok, yet seen many times But in this movie, it is executed very poorly

The main flaw is the same as in Nerve (2016), which has a similar plot. There is NO WAY something like this could exist without the police noticing it, or someone denouncing it.

Another major flaw is in the begining. Bad guys say they kidnap the girlfriend. So Matt takes his phone and tries to call her, but no answer. We learn later in the movie that it was a lie all along, and that the girlfriend has been at work the whole time. What a bad luck! Had the grilfriend answer her phone, or just send a simple text message during the day, it would have crushed the whole movie.

The behaviour of the main character also makes no sense. During the whole film, he disobeys the instructions, risking his girlfriend's life. So why not call the police?

The worst scene is when he goes in a restaurant and finds a laptop with the whole stuff, the website, the streaming, the viewers commenting...etc. Then he runs away. Geez, just take the bloody laptop to the police!

The ending gives almost no answers but we saw it coming. Who were the kidnappers? How and why do they do this? We won't know...

Overall: an already-seen movie, but badly executed, with too many inconsistencies to take it seriously.
Matt (Josh Bowman) stays at home and plays video games while his wife works. He is addicted to them. He becomes part of a bad film, the old "do what we tell you" or your wife (Leila Mimmack) dies. He gets instructions from a cell phone. Is this related to his video game play? Did his wife do this to get him out of the house? Who knows and who cares. Josh Bowman's character had no special abilities to go after the bad guys as is the formula for these films. Without that predictable aspect, the film becomes boring, watching Matt frantically run around London.

Guide F-word. No sex or nudity
Yes this is a low budget British film, but it manages to take a familiar genre and stamp personality on it despite, or maybe because of its constraints.

It's tense and scary at times, funny and absurd at others - it throws a lot at you, doesn't always hit but I was thoroughly entertained by it. It looks beautiful, got an amazing score, and its own unique feel. You can feel the lack of money at times, and there are elements that feel familiar from other films, but it's a British film that clearly tries to steer away from the usual £$%%@%@ that comes out of this country.

and the scene in the tower block is amazing, my favourite bit - deserves at least a few stars just for that
the under 5 IMDb grade is very undeserved.it is not a work of high art,but i loved it.the screenplay could have used a little more work,the acting is not Oscar winning performance,but comparing with sausage party which is a piece of trash or garbage and has a good grade on IMDb i think that this movie was very good.the idea behind it was also interesting.how people is unbelievably dehumanized in this modern era.it is worth your time,but do not expect a artsy thing.it is a movie for a night with friends and a cold beer.i loved it.try it.we are so far for being safe from doing wrong.the modern culture make us believe more lies then ever and very few people fight for the truth.
We watched about 35min of it then we cod not stand the music or understand what they tried to do in the movie. The one that chose the sound really need to find a other job because it was so bad so it will probably hit bottom 10 in the history of bad music in movies.

Something happen to a guy maybe his girlfriend got lost but not sure and he ran to different places were people from different institution tried to touch him, he had a body west on with clips you cod open but some one tried to use a big drill to do something instead off just open the clip and remove it and no one really sad anything and he got phone msg he never did and ofc a beautiful girl with little clothes on came there at the end were we gave up.
Or is it? Some would argue, life is a game, so I guess it's up to you to decide that. This is a low budget movie, so take that in to account. If not you will be very disappointed. It's not a very good movie overall, but it does have suspension and it is intriguing in its own way, if you like that sort of thing.

I wouldn't want to judge the acting, since this is really fast paced and does not really rely on that. There have been other movies with similar themes, that one could argue are better of course, but this is a nice little movie. You can see it as a snack, as something different. If you can see it that way, with low expectations, you may have some entertaining ahead of you ...