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Head Shot
Head Shot (2014)
  • Director:
    Jim Lane,Eric Troop
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Eric Troop
  • Cast:
    Tiffany Adams,Juliette Beavan,Talulah Brown
  • Time:
    1h 29min
  • Year:
People go missing every day and most of them won't be missed. At least that's what Alan, a narcissist with an inflated opinion of himself, who thinks the world is full of stupid people or ants as he calls them, believes. The world is full of dark stories about sinister figures who live off the hopes and dreams of people trying to survive. So what happens when you have a reclusive, former famous narcissist, whose side hobby is murdering young women, who's new roommate is the perfect California blonde? Let's just say his hobby becomes a full time occupation and the puppet master becomes the one pulling the strings...
Credited cast:
Tiffany Adams Tiffany Adams - Rhonda
Juliette Beavan Juliette Beavan - Census Woman
Talulah Brown Talulah Brown - Girl at Dogpark
Joelle Georgeff Joelle Georgeff - Brenda
Stephanie Girard Stephanie Girard - Girl in Casting
Ella Herman Ella Herman - Street Punk
John Beaton Hill John Beaton Hill - Casting Director
Ria Huang Ria Huang - Tanya
Stephanie Jones Stephanie Jones - Abigail
Talita Maia Talita Maia - Girl in park
Mark McCleese Mark McCleese - Prostitute
Brett R. Miller Brett R. Miller - Seth
Jackie Moore Jackie Moore - Pamela
Daniel O'Meara Daniel O'Meara - Alan Miller
Anthony Powers Anthony Powers - Morry Gold

Head Shot (2014)
An actor who was once a child star has trouble these days even landing a commercial. Everyone finds him difficult to work with and his ego gets in the way. Not finding work is taking its toll on him as we see him go further off the deep end as the film progresses graduating to kidnapping actresses and killing them.

Not a bad film dealing with the depressing side of Hollywood but tends to be boring. The funniest part is when Eric Roberts is playing an actor named Harry reading the script telling him its crap. Eric says "I know crap in fact 85 percent of the films I do are crap!" I met Eric and he says he always has a blast doing whatever it is and he clearly doesn't mind making fun of himself. Of course he is only in the film for a minute. I guess that is how you can be in 300 films in four years.

The film is done found footage style as he always likes to film everything. If you don't have anything else to do watch this but otherwise stay away.