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Hands Up!
Hands Up! (1917)
  • Director:
    Tod Browning,Wilfred Lucas
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Al J. Jennings,Wilfred Lucas
  • Cast:
    Wilfred Lucas,Colleen Moore,Monte Blue
  • Year:
Railroad president John Houston, along with his daughter Marjorie and his fiancee, Elinor Craig, are aboard the express train when it is held up by a gang of outlaws. Outlaw Dan Tracy is attracted to Marjorie, who, filled with dreams of romance, returns his interest. They exchange rings and later meet secretly in the city. When Houston learns that his daughter's new suitor is an outlaw, he hires a detective to investigate. The investigation indicates that Tracy is Houston's son by a former marriage, and Houston, mortified, allows the outlaw to escape. Tracy then persuades Marjorie to elope with him and takes her to his shack in the hills where she is rudely awakened to the realities of outlaw life. Houston arrives to save his daughter, and after Tracy is killed by Rosanne, the woman he betrayed, it is revealed that Tracy was not his son but an offspring of his former wife and an outlaw.
Cast overview:
Wilfred Lucas Wilfred Lucas - John Houston
Colleen Moore Colleen Moore - Marjorie Houston
Monte Blue Monte Blue - Dan Tracy
Beatrice Van Beatrice Van - Elinor Craig
Rhea Haines Rhea Haines - Rosanna
Bert Woodruff Bert Woodruff - Tim Farley
Kate Toncray Kate Toncray - Mrs. Farley

Hands Up! (1917)