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30 Rock Reunion (2006–2013)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Beth McCarthy-Miller
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Tina Fey,Matt Hubbard
  • Cast:
    Tina Fey,Tracy Morgan,Jane Krakowski
  • Time:
  • Year:
After Don Geiss wakes from his coma and tells Jack that he plans to remain as CEO, a snow-in forces Jack to go with Liz to her high school reunion--where Liz learns, much to her surprise, that she was the class bully.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Tina Fey Tina Fey - Liz Lemon
Tracy Morgan Tracy Morgan - Tracy Jordan
Jane Krakowski Jane Krakowski - Jenna Maroney
Jack McBrayer Jack McBrayer - Kenneth Parcell
Scott Adsit Scott Adsit - Pete Hornberger (credit only)
Judah Friedlander Judah Friedlander - Frank Rossitano (credit only)
Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin - Jack Donaghy
Katrina Bowden Katrina Bowden - Cerie (credit only)
Keith Powell Keith Powell - Toofer (credit only)
Kevin Brown Kevin Brown - Dot Com
Grizz Chapman Grizz Chapman - Grizz
Maulik Pancholy Maulik Pancholy - Jonathan
Marceline Hugot Marceline Hugot - Kathy Geiss
Robyn Lively Robyn Lively - Kelsey
Jason Kravits Jason Kravits - Keith

30 Rock Reunion (2006–2013)

Liz Lemon's phrase "I want to go to there" (which she says twice in this episode) was originated by Tina Fey's daughter Alice when she was young.

The subplot involving Tracy and Kenneth telling jokes in the elevator is based on Tracy Morgan doing the same thing, as he would do some of his stand-up act in the elevator to make people laugh. The bit about why there are no Puerto Ricans on Star Trek (1966) is from Tracy Morgan's actual stand-up.

The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

When Jack and Liz are in the closet during 7 Minutes In Heaven, Jack says that kissing Liz would be "social suicide," a call-out to the phrase popularized in Õelad tüdrukud (2004), which Tina Fey wrote and starred in.

Liz reluctantly goes to her high school reunion with Jack along with her pretending to be former student Larry who apparently was very popular. It seems Liz was actually a "mean girl" (nice reference to Ms. Fey's movie from a few years ago) whom many former classmates (including one who's gay) didn't like. Meanwhille, Tracy and Jenna try to stop Kenneth from being the center of attention in the elevator rides since that's THEIR jobs. Oh, and the reason Jack pretends to be someone else at Liz' reunion is because Don Guiess, having woke from his coma, is staying as network CEO and isn't planning to die soon...Another very hilarious episode of the sublime "30 Rock" series what with moments from Don's mentally challenged daughter Kathy and a revelation from a former girlfriend of Larry's, not to mention the almost "Carrie" moment that Liz narrowly missed. Oh, and if that "former girlfriend" looks familiar, it's Janel Moloney, formerly Donna on "The West Wing". All right, now I'm going review the Christmas episode of "30 Rock"...
Geiss wakes up from the coma and decides that he will not bee stepping down. Liz goes to her high school reunion thinking that she was an outsider and it turns out that she was the bully everyone hated. And Tracy and Jenna are mad at Kenneth because he makes the whole elevator laugh by making jokes.

It is interesting to see Liz character being the evil one. When it first came out I found it weird, but now I like it, it really contributes more to who she is and keeps her from being one dimensional.

I also liked the friendship moments between Jack and Liz in this episode. Very good chemistry.
30 Rock

With a sensational triumph of six Golden GLobes, 30 Rock is undeniably critics' choice and the buzz pays off with Fey; the creator, at the heart of it, whose vision is crystal clear and on the mark.

It is a single camera sitcom about a writer of a TV Show and the behind-the-camera chaos it goes through before it goes on air. The somewhat distorted concept isn't what the series relies upon, its ideal vacation is to reach for a mature audience with wise and not funny writing.

It is rich on technical aspects like the production design but fails completely on cinematography and background score. As mentioned earlier, the humor isn't forcibly imputed which allows the makers to visit unknown places without any restraints and communicate fluently with the viewers.

The soul of the series is certainly its huge cast who can easily charm their way out of anything but Baldwin and Fey does invest a lot in it and are flat out hilarious in it.

Layered, satirical and thought-provoking writing, ironical humor and injected with enough content to run for its twenty minutes are the high points of this brilliant sitcom. Few cameos and a knack of taking bold moves factors a lot on keeping the audience tangled in its exhilarating world.

Season 03

Unlike the second season, this one was more about the professional career and where it is leading towards for Fey, whilst surprisingly Baldwin's personal life is kept on spotlight here and driven emotionally through this prop and it manages to stick the landing with the quality maintained.


It is the perfect dream for the fans, it has got sexual tension, petty fights over petty things, a deep dive on humiliating past of the characters, hilarious sketchy sequences and a party where the audience is definitely having the time of their lives.
This is the fifth episode of the third season of 30 Rock and it's a really funny, though good-natured mean-spirited episode if that makes any sense. It seems to be the most relatable episode so far, especially in the flashback scenes involving Liz. It's also good to have back the ever-charming Rip Torn as Don Geiss.

In this episode, "Reunion," Don Geiss finally awakens from his coma and tells Jack that he will remain as CEO for time-being. In his depression, he heads with Liz to her reunion, where Liz finds out she was such a great bully.

Overall, this is a really enjoyable and quite funny episode. I really loved the reveal that Liz used to be a bully and in a sense kind of still is. I rate this episode 9/10.
I just got season 3 of 30 Rock for Christmas and have been enjoying the episodes I've seen again so far; Reunion was a highlight of last year not only for the laughs but also for exploration of Liz's character. In it, Liz reluctantly goes to her high school reunion, thinking she was the outcast nerd in school, only to find out that everyone regarded her as the class bully. Her insults (part of her attempt at humour) made her unpopular and Jack suggests Liz hasn't actually changed regarding that. We first saw this side of Liz in the season 1 episode The C Word.

Is Liz unlikable, in the show generally or this episode in particular? I don't think so. I can kind of relate, I was a bit of an outcast nerd and I delivered insults in high school, sometimes it's not totally an intentional thing. Liz is actually surprised to find this has been happening. Jack defends Liz, saying there's more to her than this. It's never a bad idea to have a flawed hero- and we see it again with Liz's amusing, humiliating confessions when the plane's in trouble. Jack is also mistaken for a popular kid at the reunion, and Donna from The West Wing introduces Jack to his "son"- definitely a good reason to drop a charade.

On the side, this episode also wraps up a major plot of season 2- will Jack take over GE? As it turns out, no, Geiss isn't stepping down. This may have been a good thing- the kind of succession we nearly saw in the episode with the fitting title Succession would have likely changed the show too drastically. Then again, it's kind of an abrupt ending and a let down. Oh well- there's more fun ahead.