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A Contagious Nervousness
A Contagious Nervousness (1908)
The Storm: The master of the house on leaving home has a slight difference of opinion with his wife. This puts the poor lady in a temper and seriously aggravates her hubby. As a result the wife quarrels with the housemaid, the housemaid with the butler, the butler with the cook, the cook with the policeman, the policeman with the hawker, the hawker with the donkey, and then with the peddler, and the peddler with his dog. The gentleman grievously upsets his office staff, who in turn take vengeance on each other. When the day's work is over, the master of the house looks forward to seeing his little wife once more. He decides to take her home a little peace offering. The Sunshine: He arrives home and is welcomed with open arms, and the peace-offering is received graciously. Then follows a making-up all 'round. Peace is restored right on down the line.

A Contagious Nervousness (1908)

Original French title is undetermined.