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Ichijo Sayuri: Nureta yokujo
Ichijo Sayuri: Nureta yokujo (1972)
  • Director:
    Tatsumi Kumashiro
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Tatsumi Kumashiro
  • Cast:
    Sayuri Ichijo,Hiroko Isayama,Kazuko Shirakawa
  • Time:
    1h 9min
  • Year:
A famous stripper (Sayuri Ichijo) is acting as herself. Her brilliant and humorous performance, and her dedication to stripping which she believes is an art lift this picture out of the mainstream. The story concerns her relationships with two men: one is her regular boyfriend and the other is the boss of the strip joint. She wants to start her own strip club but her Yakuza pimp stops her. When the Yakuza is jailed frequently because Sayuri shows too much skin in her act, she is moved to console him.
Credited cast:
Sayuri Ichijo Sayuri Ichijo - Herself / Stripper
Hiroko Isayama Hiroko Isayama - Harumi / stripper
Kazuko Shirakawa Kazuko Shirakawa - Mari / stripper
Gô Awazu Gô Awazu - Daikichi
Akira Takahashi Akira Takahashi - Isamu
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Moeko Ezawa Moeko Ezawa - Police woman
Shôichi Ozawa Shôichi Ozawa - Noodle restaurant's owner

Ichijo Sayuri: Nureta yokujo (1972)
Striptease artist Harumi has had enough of performing in lesbian shows, she wants to start her own strip club. Her Yakuza pimp stops her. After being charged with extreme exhibitionism by the police she starts to crack.

Hailed as a masterpiece of Pinku/Roman Porno cinema and far more erotic than some offerings, Ichijo Sayuri: Wet Desire is a surprisingly good if relatively unknown Roman Porno, at least outside Japan. Tatsumi Kumashiro does a superb job with the direction. Hiroko Isayam (Harumi) won an award from Kinema Jumpo journal; proving the acting and direction talent on display. Despite having striptease queen, Sayuri Ichijo's name in the film's title; Isayam steals the show. In fact Sayuri Ichijo hardly appears. The cinematography is also spot-on, capturing the vibrancy of Japan in its rich colourful glory. This film also features the freeze-frame cuts which a lot of Pink films from around this era seem to; I think it was first used in Japan in the film: Insect Woman. This may distract the un-initiated as it can look like DVD skipping but, it's a good alternative to the overused fade out. For Pinky Violence fans also look out for Sayuri Ichijo playing a Red Peony Gambler character on stage with wooden twin daggers.

DVD Review: Released by Kino Video (Kitsim collection). A superb print - I couldn't spot any archive damage, despite the film's age. Rich colours and good contrast. Sound is of course mono, maybe a little quiet in places but can't complain too much. The subtitles are clear and make sense - even some of the place names are translated. Only extra is a trailer. A documentary or other featurette would have been a welcome addition.

Well worth seeing if you are a fan of the genre. Despite the subject, the film focuses more on the drama, there is still a Hot scene involving candle wax and some others to keep audiences entertained.