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Infarto con rotura de corazòn
Infarto con rotura de corazòn (2011)
  • Director:
    Miguel Ángel Barroso
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Miguel Ángel Barroso
  • Cast:
    Ainhoa Azcona,Ruth Puebla,María Sanz
  • Time:
  • Year:
Amparo and Marisa share a flat in a big city. Marisa is an actress and soon she will begin the rehersal of a theater play. Amparo has a relationship with Raul, who is married and much older than her. Adolfo is a renowned theater director, whom her daughter's death has plunged into a deep depression, which makes his marriage to be broken. The theater, his great love, became secondary to him; and he can not control a big rage that is growing inside him. Marisa and Adolfo engage in a dangerous relationship; in the meanwhile, Amparo receives the worst news of her life... The events will become tragic in the following days ....
Credited cast:
Ainhoa Azcona Ainhoa Azcona - Amparo
Ruth Puebla Ruth Puebla - Clairwirl
María Sanz María Sanz - Marisa
Eduardo Velasco Eduardo Velasco - Adolfo

Infarto con rotura de corazòn (2011)
I liked it very much, very much, everything; The script, the direction, the montage, the photography, the actors ... The film is powerful, brave, tough, beautiful. There is much Dreyer, much Bunuel, much Godard, as I like me. It's the wildest and most original thing I've seen in a long time. And it is cinema in the most pure state.

Luis Eduardo Aute. (Songwriter,Painter,filmmaker.)