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Oishii Proposal
Oishii Proposal
TV Series
Suzuko Shiraishi, a strong-minded attractive female chef, is known for her foul mouth and masterly cooking skills. With an attitude like hers, she would reject such a proposal without a doubt. Suzuko works at an Italian restaurant and dreams of opening her own restaurant someday. A new manager is hired for the Italian restaurant - Haruki Katsuragi, a naïve and stinking rich young fellow. Suzuko wants the restaurant to be an authentic Italian cuisine with mass appeal, but Haruki demands a high-end place designed especially for celebrities. The two don't click from the start. Will there be a tasty proposal? This drama is an entertaining romantic comedy about an independent woman and a young rich guy.
Series cast summary:
Hiroyuki Amano Hiroyuki Amano - Tooru Shiraishi 10 episodes, 2006
Kôsei Amano Kôsei Amano - Yusuke Kuwabara 10 episodes, 2006
Shunsuke Daitô Shunsuke Daitô - Sho Fujita 10 episodes, 2006
Kyoko Hasegawa Kyoko Hasegawa - Suzuko Shiraishi 10 episodes, 2006
Isao Hashizume Isao Hashizume - Michizo Katsuragi 10 episodes, 2006
Miku Ishida Miku Ishida - Mary Tomita 10 episodes, 2006
Masanori Ishii Masanori Ishii - Takanobu Ookawachi 10 episodes, 2006
Mao Kobayashi Mao Kobayashi - Saori Shimazaki 10 episodes, 2006
Keisuke Koide Keisuke Koide - Haruki Katsuragi 10 episodes, 2006
Eiko Koike Eiko Koike - Maki Kashiwagi 10 episodes, 2006
Masahiko Nishimura Masahiko Nishimura - Tamio Okochi 10 episodes, 2006
Yukiyoshi Ozawa Yukiyoshi Ozawa - Takumi Fujimori 10 episodes, 2006
Saeko Saeko - Michiru Asakura 10 episodes, 2006
Yuki Shimizu Yuki Shimizu - Miki Katase 10 episodes, 2006

Oishii Proposal