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Survivors Revenge (1975–1977)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Gerald Blake
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jack Ronder,Terry Nation
  • Cast:
    Carolyn Seymour,Ian McCulloch,Lucy Fleming
  • Time:
  • Year:
After Vic attempts suicide, the others discuss how depressed he has become and set about finding useful tasks to give him a sense of purpose, such as teaching the children. Additionally, Greg and Paul go to a nearby town and find Vic a proper wheelchair. Two people turn up at the manor driving a tanker full of petrol. One is a young man, Donny, the other is Anne - the woman who had left Vic to die. Vic tells the others what she did, and Abby decides that Donny can stay but Anne must leave in the morning. That night, Anne attempts to kill Vic, who in turn also tries to kill her in anger. After both break down in tears, they talk. The following morning, a seemingly more positive Anne leaves the house, watched by Vic.
Episode credited cast:
Carolyn Seymour Carolyn Seymour - Abby Grant
Ian McCulloch Ian McCulloch - Greg Preston
Lucy Fleming Lucy Fleming - Jenny Richards
Hugh Walters Hugh Walters - Vic Thatcher
Myra Frances Myra Frances - Anne Tranter
Chris Tranchell Chris Tranchell - Paul Pitman
Hana Maria Pravda Hana Maria Pravda - Emma Cohen (as Hana-Maria Pravda)
Eileen Helsby Eileen Helsby - Charmian Wentworth
Michael Gover Michael Gover - Arthur Russell
Tanya Ronder Tanya Ronder - Lizzie Willoughby
Stephen Dudley Stephen Dudley - John Millon
Robert Tayman Robert Tayman - Donny
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Terry Scully Terry Scully - Vic Thatcher

Survivors Revenge (1975–1977)
You probably couldn't make a show like this today. Not showing a disabled person in a positive enough light. Yet it's very powerful. Its origins go back to earlier episodes. That's what I love about this series (being a new convert) , is that it develops over time. It's always moving forward yet it continues to plant seeds for the future. You just don't know it at the time.

Strong writing and performances. One of the best sequences of the series so far. Though he didn't write this particular episode, his presence is across the entire first season. Terry Nation, you are greatly missed.