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The Flag of Company H
The Flag of Company H (1910)
It is during an Indian uprising that Company "H" accompanied by its mascot, a fine bulldog, is encamped on a hill. A party of Indians overpower the sentries and attacks the camp. Company "H," although hopelessly outnumbered, bravely endeavors to repel the onslaught. The Captain, seeing all is lost, orders the sergeant to take down the flag from its post, and to secretly bury it in order to prevent its being defiled by the Indians. The Sergeant does this watched by the dog, and he has barely time to report back, before the Captain falls mortally wounded and the rest of the brave company gradually succumb, the Sergeant alone not being killed outright, he being severely wounded and half covered with his comrades' bodies. The Indians having taken possession of the camp, proceed to search for the supply of liquor, and finding it soon become senseless from continual overdoses of the firewater. The Sergeant alter a great effort, succeeds in freeing himself sufficiently to call the dog, who ...

The Flag of Company H (1910)