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Mirisi, zlato i tamjan
Mirisi, zlato i tamjan (1971)
  • Director:
    Ante Babaja
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Ante Babaja,Slobodan Novak
  • Cast:
    Sven Lasta,Ivona Petri,Milka Podrug-Kokotovic
  • Time:
    1h 39min
  • Year:
In an island town, a professor pensioned before his time, together with his wife, takes care of the hundred year old Maddona Makantuna, a dispossessed land owner.
Credited cast:
Sven Lasta Sven Lasta - Mali
Ivona Petri Ivona Petri - Madona
Milka Podrug-Kokotovic Milka Podrug-Kokotovic - Draga
Natasa Nesovic Natasa Nesovic - Erminija
Tanja Knezic Tanja Knezic - Maloljetna sticenica casnih sestara
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Viktor Bek Viktor Bek
Slavko Mihacevic Slavko Mihacevic
Angel Palasev Angel Palasev
Stjepan Pisek Stjepan Pisek
Nada Subotic Nada Subotic - Glas-madone (voice)

Mirisi, zlato i tamjan (1971)
The second feature-length film of director Ante Babaya. Retired professor and his wife live on a secluded Adriatic island and care for the century-old Madonna. Caring for an elderly woman is a big burden to the married couple, but in some way, it's the only purpose of their lives... In the mid-1960s Babaja made several experimental documentary films, before filming The Birch Tree (Breza, 1967), his most well known film which is today regaded as one of the classic films of Croatian cinema. In the following decades Babaja turned to directing documentary films and only made a handful of feature films. Nevertheless, films such as Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (Mirisi, zlato i tamjan, 1971) and Lost Homeland (Izgubljeni zavičaj, 1980) were also met with considerable critical acclaim.