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Remote Control Kid
My America Remote Control Kid (2012)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Hal Hartley
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Polly Pen
  • Year:
Episode credited cast:
Jeb Brown Jeb Brown

My America Remote Control Kid (2012)
An unusual thing in this short is that this is the first in the My America series to have 3 people in shot – albeit that 2 of them are in the background providing the musical support for this piece of showmanship. This is the right word to describe it I think, because Jeb Brown plays it big, bright, cheerful, and with plenty of teeth, as he delivers a bit of a number about events at a baseball stadium. I will not fully pretend to get the whole point of the piece, but it did strike me as a barbed mix of Americana and disinterest in the plight of those involved in it.

The young boy of the story is dropped in the middle of the stadium, filled with wonder with the lights and possibilities all around him. He has to run at a dream (a Corporate sign fittingly enough), and when he fails in his attempt the party goes on as he is shuffled off to the right (or, Right, as I assumed it was meant). It is quite cleverly constructed to deliver a point that has been made in the series before, but it was nice to have it done in a manner which felt new and quite interesting thanks to the lively manner in which it is presented.